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Military schools prepare students for their college entrance and subsequent careers. These schools have a “whole person” approach to education. The curriculum combines academic, spiritual and physical components to ensure all-round development of the cadets. It tries to cover every experience a child gets in the daily life. The military schools are ideal places for honing talents for the US Military.

The military schools have a rigorous academic program. The structured life at these schools provides the structure for the young cadets to turn their latent promises to performance. The life in these schools is also caring, comprehensive and involving. They work with both the cadets and parents to ensure proper growth of the cadets. The disciplined life combined with general education and the political indoctrination of the armed forces provides a good base for those who want to join the US Military.

The program in military schools provides a framework for developing character and leadership. It gives lessons in self-discipline, socialization, teamwork, and leadership. These schools are not directly responsible for recruiting or training cadets to become soldiers, pilots or sailors in the US Military. They aim at genuine development of the self-esteem by recognizing the genuine capabilities of the cadets.

Besides the regular academic subjects, military schools teach military science to the cadets. It is the study and analysis of the diverse technical, psychological and practical phenomena involved in armed combat. Military science can greatly enhance the ability of the practitioners to prevail in an armed conflict. Therefore, these schools have a great role in inculcating combat skills in cadets, who may join the US Military in future.

The Armed Forces and higher military schools are going through some serious reforms these days. These reforms aim at strengthening the US Military to tackle the challenges to national security and integrity. It would require foolproof planning and concerted efforts from the academicians and military experts to improve the training in these schools.

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