5 American Military Facts That Are Very Well Known for Their Army Strength

Besides North Korea, The United States is arguably the most disliked country in the world. Yes, this Uncle Sam’s country is said to be hated by many countries from Russia, Germany, Slovenia to China. However, despite being hated like that, in fact America is not at all wavering or afraid at all. The reason is, of course, because this country is the most powerful in the world.

On paper, America must be recognized as a Javanese. The more so about their military crazy and become number one in the world. About the American military, it’s not a lie if someone says they are great. In many ways, the average American wins. The power of land, sea, what else is air.

this is a series of American forces that make other countries think 1,000 times to attack or take certain actions that can cause division with Aerika.

American Army Power Makes Others Pee.

The number of soldiers combined with the number of equipment. So? Yes, of course very deadly. America is indeed one of the countries with the most land defense equipment in the world. One proof is the number of their tanks which reached 8,848 units and became the number 3 country with the most tanks in the world.  But, American land forces are not just tanks. Don’t forget their phenomenal armored vehicle. Noted, to this day America has at least around 41,063 pieces of armored vehicles. This number is the most in the world. Compared to world champions Russia, the difference is almost around 10 thousand. Crazy!

 Crazy Defense Budget and Nuclear Ownership.

Not just a matter of the number of personnel and defense equipment, America also has other weapons that are no less deadly. Yes, budget and also nuclear. Keep in mind, America is the country with the most defense budget in the world. According to the GFP, the amount reached around $ 581 billion. China alone which finished second has only $ 155 billion. Regarding nuclear, it is clear that America also has it and has even used it since long ago. Nuclear is the most feared thing in the world, and the existence of this object will force countries in the world to think very hard if they want to attack the US. The risk is too great, it might even trigger world destruction.
These are the facts of the American military. Based on these data, we can consider a country very brave if it challenges America. Yes, like a squirrel against an elephant, that’s the right analogy when a country is facing the United States. Therefore, no wonder despite being hated, America remains calm and unmoved.

The power of the American Sea must not be underestimated.

North Korea is surprisingly considered the country with the greatest sea power. This is because they do have a lot of marine defense equipment especially coastal defense vessels which are very numerous. Even so, the United States also has a lot of crazy things in their sea power that makes other countries nervous. America does have crazy marine defense equipment. For example their submarines, which number about 75 pieces and become the most in the world. Not only that, they also have 62 destroyer ships and 6 frigates. And don’t forget about their Javanese mother ship. Until this moment, America is still the country with the largest number of aircraft carriers in the world.

The number of Active Personnel is Very Much

The army is the main pulse of a country’s military power. Logically, the more troops in a country, the stronger the country. America may not be the country with the largest number of troops, but the total itself is arguably fierce. According to GFP data in 2015 the number of active troops in this country was around 1.4 million personnel and became the second largest in the world after China. The strength of the American army is not only about the number of active personnel, but also the reserve personnel. It is estimated that there are about 1.1 million back-up personnel owned by America. One more thing to remember, in this large number of troops, there are a lot of Navy SEAL members who are the most deadly elite in the world. Not yet calculated also Delta Force which also has a deadly ability.

The Most Deadly American Airpower in the World.

In all areas of the American military it is deadly, but if it has to be ranked, then their air power is the greatest. At present, America holds the championship for air military affairs. This is evidenced by the large number of their defense equipment. One of them is for example their fighter planes which number around 2,785 and become the most numerous in the world. Not only about numbers, we must remember that America is a creator and producer country. Regarding aviation technology, they are clearly superior to other countries, although Russia’s status is also the same in this regard. Now, back to the number of American air defense equipment, they also have 5,739 transport aircraft, 6 thousand helicopters, and 957 combat helicopters. With this kind of power, only countries who want to kill themselves who want to attack America.

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