Your Thoughts on Voting


When voting one selects candidates essentially to direct and manage our political interests.  Calling for CHANGE during the current upheaval can work for or against the voters best interests and many are swayed simply by “one” issue.

In assessing the performance of those in power over time, we can look back pick and choose actions that appeal to our likes and dislikes – Not all decisions we make set  favorably according our own personal philosophy and opinion.

What is history? That which happened yesterday – in the past—we can only work to rectify and improve upon our previous divisions, we can never reclaim the ground lost.

American History had stated in its sequence of beliefs as in God, Country and Self.  Now it seems reversed.  It’s all about “What’s in it for me”.  Most citizens don’t realize they already own their slice of the great American pie through their sovereign right – their equity in this great country.  Are we responsible to keep it in top shape?

Freedom isn’t free. Any politician’s only source of funds is from taxing, donations and by managing your dollars in an equitable way. Watch this carefully!  Don’t expect too much but do expect honesty.

At this time, most thinkers say there is hardly any difference between either parties.  Qualifications of candidates then become extremely important.

An opinion of the candidates both republican and democrats is as follow:

We have a young Ivy League lawyer, a man of color without much political experience but with a glib tongue, a huge socialistic bent and a great array of contacts that have proven themselves anti-American over time in word and deed.

Next/A wounded ex US Flying officer –a hero who, over the years as a senator has dedicated himself to improving conditions for his country’s senior/citizens and businesses.   As a maverick and a problems solver he often clashed with his own party – His alliance was always to God and country.  He is and honest and dedicated pro.

Think reality-leave sentiment out-think again then please vote your choice.

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