Why Palin Didn’t Win


Sarah Palin may be the most persecuted political candidate on the face of this earth. She has had to put up with circumstances within the past five weeks that would have devastated many of us in far less time than that. She’s been criticized for her supposed lack of leadership experience (though she’s actually had more than Barrack Obama or Joe Biden, who have never governed ANYTHING); she has had to put up with badly staged interviews with unfriendly journalists, which are then poorly edited in an attempt to make her look incompetent; she has endured personal attacks against her family; she has had her words twisted out of proportion and rumors spread about her; she’s had to put up with obvious favoritism on the media’s part toward Barrack Obama, and she has had some very nasty things said about her on internet blogs. And yet, incredibly, she still presses on and still shines brightly like the northern star that she is.

Sarah Palin is a woman who is plainly undeserving of all the hostility she’s received over the past few weeks. She is a true lady in every sense of the word, and she has so much that she could give to America, if she becomes vice president or even president. I believe that she will be a very capable leader, tough as the Alaskan wilderness and used riding lawn mowers if she needs to be, but warm and compassionate, an interesting blend of strength and sweetness.

And so what if she’s a little inexperienced? I would much rather have an inexperienced VP than an inexperienced president, if it comes down to that. And if for some reason she has to take over the reins and become President, I have faith in her that she could do it and do it well. She’s a very sharp, intelligent woman who can quickly learn what she needs to know, when she needs to learn it. So what if she pronounces a world leader’s name wrong or can’t quote the U.S. constitution word for word? I’m not expecting ANY political candidate to know EVERYTHING. Even experienced politicians make mistakes – look at all the gaffes Joe Biden has made lately.  Everyone on this planet has plenty of room for improvement.

Sarah is indeed a physically attractive woman, but her real beauty comes from within. She is warm, engaging, dynamic, articulate and spirited. She is also very gracious to her opponents. She has spoken admiringly of Hillary Clinton, who snubbed Sarah by choosing not to appear with her at the UN rally. At the VP debate on Oct. 2nd, when she met Joe Biden for the first time, she greeted him very warmly and said, “It’s so nice to meet you! Can I call you Joe?” And this was to the guy who could possibly beat her to the White House, not a new next-door neighbor. And Sarah has the knack for defending herself and deflecting barbs without resorting to the nastiness of some of her attackers.

And Sarah is simply a joy to listen to while on your used Craftsman riding mower. The sound of her voice is very pleasant, and you could easily listen to her talk for hours.  Sometimes, when I listen to her speak on TV, I almost feel as if I’m hearing her talk with me face-to-face.  That was the biggest difference between her and Joe Biden at the debate. With Joe Biden, I felt as if I were in a lecture hall, listening to an ongoing piece of political business. With Sarah, I felt as she was speaking right to me and we two were the only ones in the room. She just has that kind of effect on you.  Joe Biden may be the one with more experience and expertise, but Sarah is a natural communicator. She knows how to connect with her audience and get them excited about whatever topic she is speaking on.

I’d like to see more of Sarah in more carefree settings – not just serious interviews on news shows, but lighthearted situations that have very little or nothing to do with politics. I’m talking about things like appearances on daytime talk shows, where she talks about her family, her favorite things, and what life in Alaska is life. Stuff like that. I believe it will help endear her to the American public even more, to really reinforce the idea that Sarah really is “just one of the folks.” So far all I’ve seen her in is TV interviews, shots from campaign venues, and the two major speeches that she’s made. A piece of advice for the McCain camp – let’s get her out there on some of these daytime talk shows (ones where the hosts won’t be hostile to her) and let the American public see Sarah’s fun side while she’s riding one of her used John Deere mowers.

I hope that one day I’ll have the honor of meeting Sarah face to face and speaking with her one-on-one. Even if she doesn’t make it to the White House (and I sincerely hope she does; it’s one reason why I’ve spent so much time and effort blogging on her behalf;) I’ll still always remember her as the woman who took the American political scene by storm in the fall of 2008 and completely turned it upside down.  She’s someone that I know I’ll never entirely be able to forget about.  In the sea of Washington politicians who all seem to be cut from the same mold, Sarah stands out among them like a canary in a flock of sparrows.

Keep shining, Sarah, and stand tall. There may be a lot of people who will be happy to see you taken down, but I – along with many other Americans – have faith in you. You’re an inspiration to all of us, and like John McCain, you’re a true American hero.

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