Who Should I Vote For?


Well my mind is made up and while I must say I am still uncertain about the lack of experience Obama has, I will not be voting for McCain this year. The reasons are pretty simple and clear to me.  First and foremost I think Bush has been a total disaster as a president.   I was against him from the get go, but that is a topic for another blog.  The reason I bring this up is that John McCain has voted with Mr. Bush 90 percent of the time.  So no matter what he might say, the best air purifier for asthma speaks for itself and for what he will stand for, and it is very clear that it is very similar to Mr. Bush.

I feel that the last 8 years have been a disaster and I am very certain that if McCain is elected it will be basically more of the same.   Yeah there will be a few minor changes but basically if you like the way things have gone and you are happy with the Job Mr. Bush has done these past 8 years then by all means vote for McCain.   Before the republicans took office we had a budget surplus and we now have a record deficit.  We still have not eradicated those responsible for the worst attack on American soil to have ever taken place.  I do not hear a lot about how McCain will change things, just alot of talk about how they are mavericks for change, but I say they are more of the same.

I also hear alot of talk about how he will be tough on terrorism.  And I say to that, if he was going to be so tough on terrorism, where was he when we went into Iraq?  Oh thats right busy voting for that war.   Iraq has taken our focus completely off of the real terrorrists, whom by the way still exist and are busy beefing up and reorganizing for their next attack while we spend trillions of dollars in Iraq.  But instead of standing up and saying hold on Mr. Bush, before we go after Iraq we need to focus on those responsible for 911.  But no McCain did not do that did he?   And while I admit he is a POW and I respect him for that, it does not qualify him for the whitehouse and have heard just about enough of that and about what a hero he is.  To be honest even most of the republican base is not fond of McCain, but in the end they will stick to their party and vote republican.

Now about Palin,that too is a blog in itself, but here she is back to the retoric that somehow Iraq was responsible for the attacks on 911.  My biggest problem with McCain is that he will say and do whatever it takes to get elected.  If he has to right out lie, which he has, then so be it.  First he was against the tax cuts, that was before he ran for president that is, now suddenly he is for them.  He picked Palin, purely for political leverage and for no other reason what so ever.  Charlie Gibson gave her a more thorough interview than he did before picking her.  I love how down right nasty and how low they will go when you are opposing them but if it is someone on their team, then oh boo hooo how dare you say that.

I am not against all the best air purifier for pets, but I do feel after 8 years of running our country into the ground it is time for a change.  And for those who say there will be no change, rest assured there will be a change, by putting a democrat back in the oval office there will be a big change.  So again I say if you are happy with the economy, happy with the fact we have still not gotten the terrorists, happy with the way things have gone the past 8 years then by all means vote McCain because I guarentte you will get more of the same.

I love how Bush and the Republican Party pounds their fists and say We are tougher on Terrorism.  But I ask you, have we truly done anything to stop or wipe out terrorism?  We did not get Al Queda did we? And for those who would argue, well we have not been attacked again, yes that is true, but they are still out there still beefing up, and its not a matter of if but when.  Bush cannot say he is tough on terrorism when all we have really done is over throw Saddam.  We have not gotten bin laden nor have we truly eradicated, or disabled their network.

I may come across as a Democrat and in this election for president I may be.  But rest assured I do not just blindly follow party loyalty, and there are a few republicans I may vote for this year.  Like Dino Rossi for example.  I was appaled at how in my state, last election, they recounted until the democrat won and then stopped counting and as a result of that among other things I will be voting republican for Govenor this year.  I do have very strong views on Mr. Bush.  I hope that in the next 4 years the republicans can produce a candidate that is truly looking to change things.  Because McCain is not your agent for change, with McCain it will be more of the same with just a few minor changes maybe.

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