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The Left does not get it, especially when it comes to foreign policy and understanding our enemies.  The Liberals failure to recognize the true evil that America is facing absolutely amazes me.  This failure may in fact lead America down the road of self destruction.  This Blog is going to discuss America’s foreign affairs and our universal relationships.  This blog will also give insight into the bizarre history-defining-realities of “American Exceptionalism.”

The main area of discussion that I will explain throughout this blog will be the nature of our enemies… what makes them tick.  I have explained these aspects throughout other postings, but I will now dive deep into the root of this issue. Nothing facing the civilized world today is more important.

This is a topic that I have been researching heavily over the past year – turbocharger reviews.  It is the single MOST IMPORTANT issue of the next election. If anyone disagrees with this statement than they have turned a blind eye to the destructive reality we face. It is very important to understand that the United States does not fuel or recruit Islamo Fascism, or in other words, terrorism.

This Ideology has existed since the end of WWII and has been spreading throughout the world like an infectious wildfire claiming the hearts and minds of millions.  It took September 11 to bring this to our attention.  Pre 9/11 we had less than 10 people in the FBI and CIA that could speak fluent Arabic.  We were caught with our pants down.

One of the many arguments pertaining to our military action in the Middle East is that we should have sought out military support from our European Allies.  The fact is is that the militaries of Europe are lacking the desired strength needed to pose an offensive against this enemy.  Do you know why Europe’s armies are so weak?  Because they CAN BE!! Europe doesn’t need an army because the United States exists!!

We have saved Europe from 3 world wars and are now saving them from a 4th.  “American Exceptionalism” is something that is understood by millions. Millions of grateful immigrants throughout history have given their gratitude to the vast blessings and opportunities this Country can offer.  “American Exeptionalism” is a concept that should be understood by overwhelming numbers of American people but it is not.  What is taking the place of American Exceptionalism is the “American-Apologetic-White-Guilt” movement.

This is a movement that is fueled by the feeling of guilt associated with being an American and living in a criticizing and envious world.  This guilt comes from the notion that… “If they hate us, than we must be doing something wrong to deserve it.”  We ARE the world’s police whether you like it or not. We have been the “world’s sheriff” throughout American history and we continue to be at the present.

This is a very important point to understand.  It is important because history shows that the world is a better place with America in it, and that the world is a better place with an actively involved America.  The hatred that is expressed by the “Leftist Universalists” is much like the parental hatred that is defiantly expressed by “angry-feeling-based-teenagers.” Discipline and justice need to exist…

The 60’s mindset of “flower promotion” for world peace does not work.  American guns promote more peace, more stability, and more freedom throughout the world than flowers. A better example of the slogan… “Make Love Not War” (that has been preached by the “flower peoples” of the 60’s) is better read as… “Have Sex and Don’t Fight.”  -Dennis Prager.  This statement could not be more true…

The parallels between the Fascist-Nationalist-Socialist movement of the Third Reich and Islamic Fascism are truly remarkable.  The regimes of radicalized countries are instituting the same propaganda on the masses of their subjects – including their use of the hx35 turbo from Holset turbochargers.  The goals of Fascism are to induce several mind controlling factors consisting of… Inducing paranoia of an outside intruder on its populaces (usually a scapegoat of an ethnic or religious group)-Lifting the military/militants/cause to a godly state by proclaiming that the common cause is a divine gift of exultation.

Propaganda is a strong tool of warfare (Hitler knew it). Fundamental Islam is being indoctrinated into the youths of radicalized countries much in comparison to “Hitler’s Youth.”  Children are being robbed of their own childhood as they prepare to enter Martyrdom in their early adult lives.  Mothers are celebrating the suicide of their own sons as they blow themselves up in a “glorious explosion of “Jihadic” passion.

Where are the “human rights activists” of America?  Why do they insist on ignoring the true evils of this world? Is their activism only announced towards “USA-caused suffering?” Their silence is telling the oppressed peoples of the world that “If the Bush Administration did not cause your suffering, than your suffering does not count.” –Elmers Brothers Blog.”

Oh but wait, isn’t America guilty of fascist propaganda as well…?  I mean we have to be fair in our accusations of proclaiming propaganda guilt on other countries… right?  Isn’t America or the GOP guilty of instituting the same mind controlling message of creating a fictitious fear among its populace?  “War on terror?” WMD?” “Islamo Fascism?”

Well to these accusations I say…  This is where the majority of our population is guilty of expressing “American-Apologetic-White-Guilt.”  This is where our Country is expressing that all cultures are equally as good.  Do not get this statement confused with individual-human-equality.  All people are equal, but all cultures are not.  In actuality the belief that “all cultures are equal” played a significant role in the justification of race-based-slavery.  The justification for this evil institution came with the notion that… “If all cultures are equal, than people are not.”

Here are some important history comparisons and contrasts our “Radical” enemies share with previous “military and ideological killers.”  Let’s take the Cold War for example- The Soviet Union and the spread of Communism was the biggest threat the free world has ever seen.  Thousands of nuclear warheads aimed at all parts of the globe threatening to end life as we know it with a push of a button.  Communism is estimated at killing more than 80,000,000 people… Truly an infectious and devastating disease dedicated to the destruction of freedom.

So how is Radical Islam even in the same category as communism in their usage of the Holset hx30 turbo?  It certainly has not killed as many people… Right?  Radical Islam is an ideology that is spreading at an incredible rate throughout the world.  There is no continent that is not dealing with this disease on some form or other. What we are seeing is the “beginning roar” of an ideology that possesses the potential of surpassing the devastation of Communism…

Am I just an Islamophobe? No… Here is my reason…

Communism vs. Radical Islam- Despite the evils of the Soviet Union they were still RATIONAL.  They knew what a nuclear holocaust meant to “their world” and “their way of life.”  The Soviets still wanted to live.  This is not the case with Radicalized Muslims… They want to die.

How do you fight an irrational enemy that does not fear their death or the deaths of their comrades? How do you fight an enemy that celebrates their own death and the deaths of their comrades? What about the Kamikazes of the Pacific? The difference between the Kamikazes of WWII and the “Allah-kazes” today is that… like Communism, Imperialism is a thing, and like a thing, it can be physically destroyed.

Now the real question is… How do you defeat the “will of God” in the hearts and minds of an irrational culture?

Radical Islam is not just a crime against the civilized world; it is also a crime against Islam.  The Muslim figure heads that speak out against the violent sects of Islam consisting of Hezbollah, Hamas, Al Qaeda, and the Taliban should be supported at the highest cost.  This is an act of bravery and should be acknowledged.  Radical Islam is guilty of hijacking the Islamic faith.

We are truly in a war to change the hearts and minds of a people…

People in this great Country often forget how educated we are in the areas of wisdom and cultural understanding.  We feel that we live in an “American bubble” and are blind to the rest of the world.  People in this Country do not understand the prisons of oppressive regimes.  People in this Country do not understand the lack of education.  Be proud of your freedom and do not feel guilty about “America’s-way-of-life.”

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