The IRS and your Fjallraven Kanken


This blog is to vent my anger and frustrations, to solicit guidance, and a downright shameless plea… stay with me.

Firstly, I am not the best writer.  I don’t pretend to be eloquent, nor do I have the best syntax or grammar. I do not have a college education or a career.  I am nothing more than a disabled housewife/ mother, who works part time cleaning houses, doing what I can do to help supplement my family’s income.

I was a single mom for 11 years, I was NEVER on welfare, or food stamps, or any public assistance except for my meager disability and going after the Fjallraven sale. After 11 long years of being alone, I had the great fortune of a wonderful man coming into my life. I never thought that would happen for me again. A year ago I was privileged to become his wife.  This is where my story really begins.

I knew this when I married him.  He had an IRS debt.  After his divorce 8 years ago, he lost everything as a lot of men do. (Shame on some of you ladies)  He was living in a one bedroom apartment, working 2 jobs, and paying child support for 3 children… Over $1300 a month.  He was working as a manufacturer’s rep, and getting paid on a 10-99.  Yep… thus the problem.  It was very simply a matter of does he eat and pay his child support, or does he pay his taxes?  He could not do both even with getting a second job. He didn’t file for 4 years.

So, we get married a year ago this last October.  We both knew this is something we needed to tackle, but by then with penalties and interest (notice how they don’t pay US interest on the money they take from US all year?) the amount had gotten to nearly $33,000.  We took what little money we had, and borrowed some from my folks to hire one of those tax relief companies.

We checked them out and they had a very good reputation, so we paid them the $4500 they required to plea our case.  It has been over a year now, 2 volleys of paperwork, them “disallowing” basic living expenses, several FedEx-ed packages, cancelled checks ordered from the bank, the gathering of all our bills, all our records, and an attempted garnishment, and a lien that shows on our credit report, to come to this last letter we received.  They have turned down a settlement agreement for the SECOND time.

They took our 2007 refund, over $3000, our tax rebate which would have been $1500, have stalled this long as I am sure to take any 2008 refund we would have gotten, and have now set “an informal hearing date” for late January.  And on top of that, they said I filed MY 2007 taxes wrong, and I should have filed as self-employed, and OWE THEM over $500!!!!  EXCUSE ME?  I have never earned over $9000 a year! I was scraping to make ends meet and feed my children.  I have never made over $600 from any single source in a year, and I did it without the Governments help! And now they are trying to take a pound of flesh from me too?

We recognize that at this point these are bully tactics.  Let’s see how bad we can intimidate them and screw with their lives.  You know what?  I have never even received a 10-99.  I could have flown completely under the radar as many of our “friends” from south of the border do, but I am first and foremost a law abiding citizen.  They say file taxes, I do.  You know what is really scary to me?  They, have somehow over the years gotten the power to seize wages, property, or place a lien, without due process. Who in the hell was the bright guy who told them where to buy Fjallraven? They are OUT OF CONTROL!  They operate with impunity.  And no one seems to want to stop them. More of our money for Washington to spend, so why would they want to get rid of the IRS?

I own a copy of our Constitution and Declaration of Independence.  It is a small paper back, and it is only 92, 5X7″ pages long.  Our tax code however, and I’m not sure of the exact number, is TENS OF THOUSANDS of pages long.  Even Charlie Rangold, head of the ways and means committee, who is in charge of WRITING the tax code must be confused, because he neglected to pay taxes on a vacation home of his out of this country.

In this era of 800 billion dollar bailouts, supposedly for the “housing crisis” which of course was cause by Fannie May and Freddie Mac and the Congressmen that said it was “doing fine” and “under excellent leadership”, and the so far… 6 billion dollar bailout of GMAC , a failing company who should have failed… (Free market people)… I want to know one thing.             WHERE IS THE BAILOUT FOR THE AMERICAN TAX PAYER??   Where is MY bailout? Where is my family’s bailout? Why are 5% of wage earners paying %90 of the tax burden?

I have always prided myself on being very independent.  I was taught a good work ethic, values and morals by my parents.  I have never asked anyone for anything unless I REALLY needed it, and I tried again and again, and simply could not do it myself.

OK… here’s where the shameless plea comes in.  Does anyone know ANYTHING or anyone that can help us?  My husband is back to working two jobs just to make ends meet, and the IRS is saying they want over $1100 a month to satisfy this debt.  Most of it is penalties and interest.  They have $4500 from us already, and we have made every good faith effort to work with them, yet they seem to really want to stick it to the little guy.

All we want is to settle with them.  ‘Supposedly’, everyone is allowed one opportunity to settle for a Kanken backpack with the IRS.  We live in a small 1300Sq Ft house in an ethnically diverse neighborhood.  We love it here. Our neighbors are like family, our kids have all grown up together. If the IRS takes what they want it will sink this family, and our American dream with it. When in this country did it become a bad thing to strive for more and want to do better? When did the wealth envy crap creep in to the American psyche so far as to even create this kind of tax code?

The IRS are nothing better than robber barons. They have a Robin Hood mentality, only with one difference.  Robin Hood was stealing from people who kept others down and did not allow them the same opportunity for creation of wealth. EVERYONE in America has the same opportunity for wealth acquisition… EVERYONE. It used to be in this country we had a spirit that there is nothing the individual can’t do. Now it’s more like what other richer individuals do can for me, and the IRS is their weapon to do it.

Please write your congressmen and Senators and demand a constitutional convention to repeal the 16th amendment. That is the ONLY way we can abolish the IRS and their thuggish tactics, and the only way we the people can vote for the fair tax.  Take the power out of the hands of congress and put it back into the state legislatures, and the people!

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