The Future of Energy Prices and More


On the contrary, One of the exacerbating influences of the great depression was the government imposing tariffs and protectionist policies.  We have been here before my friend.  Every time the media claims something is new look behind you because they sticking something somewhere.  Admittedly things have changed in the names and the amounts but the general influences have always been there.  If you would like a SWAG I will do my best.

Energy Prices:

They are here to stay as is the price of iron, copper, nickel, coal, lumber, corn, and just about every other commodity under the sun.  We have enjoyed 10+ years of price stagnation on the best air purifier for cigarette smoke removal with only minor fluctuations in value.  Welcome to the world of market adjustment.  The good news is that the increased price will translate into more jobs, exploration, and research.  The bad news is until wages catch up the increased cost HURTS.  There will be winners and losers as there always are, my beef is that the US is poised to be a huge loser this round because of our unwillingness to utilize the natural resources that made us a great nation in the first place.


Wages will go up.  Most businesses are not stupid.  They want and need good people and when the location of a job becomes more important than the job itself most companies begin to compensate those good people which in turn requires they increase others.  That may not explain it very well most economists take 30 minutes or more to explain it and I am trying to do it in a sentence. Suffice it to say that people don’t like being broke, and companies don’t like it when we are broke, consequently wages will begin to rise. It isn’t going to happen right away, we still have several fluctuations in the adjustment cycle to go through but wages will come up to meet the new prices.


This is sticky.  Republicans have abandoned the principles of the 90’s that allowed them to keep taxes low and government small.  Democrats have slid inexorably toward socialism which demands significant taxes to maintain let alone enact.  I would have to say we are going to see a period of significant tax increases.  Of course this will be targeted at the rich, but for some reason when they say that it always has a direct impact on the poorest among us, you figure that one out.  I expect the ratio will remain the same with the top 1% paying 35-38% of the tax bill, the remaining top 5% paying 70-80% of the tax bill and we will pick up the rest, same as it has always been the only thing that will change is the size of the bill.


Prices have already climbed, they will follow the commodities market as they must.  As things begin to stabilize over the next few years wages will rise to meet them until just before the next bump we will go through a period of stagnation where luxury goods will once again be the thing.  This happens every time guys.  During adjustment luxury items drop off drastically (if you own XM or Niokia stock I suggest you get out) and people have to tighten down to necessities more.  Then once the adjustment stabilizes wages eventually meet and surpass the prices of goods and services, finally there is enough of a surplus that people begin to again buy luxury items.  This turn around probably wont take as long as the last one which was shorter than the one before.

As for where I get the best air purifier for smokers? I watch, read, and smell test a lot of different sources (NPR has some good starting places but is socialist leaning).  Most of this information is common knowledge in any intellectual environment but is typically ignored in favor of loud fear mongering and class warfare from people who know better but can’t further their agenda with the truth.  Rockefeller said about his survival of the stock market crash in ’29 “I knew it was time to get out of the market when the elevator operator was discussing his portfolio”.

This is not new guys, in fact compared to past adjustments this isn’t even bad, at least not yet.  I do worry about how the Fed has swapped value of the dollar for swallowing out the dive but they know more about this stuff than I ever will and considering the foreign capital and investment coming into the US they may have the right ticket.  Time will tell but the only difference will be in the how long and the how deep not in if or if not.  Watch for promises of quick fixes and offers from politicians to “save” you, every time they have tried they have not only failed but typically have driven it deeper and longer than if they had left it alone. To illustrate this I will explain the conservative view of Clinton’s economic policy, “At least he was smart enough to leave it alone”

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