Shopping For A Netbook? Top 4 Netbook Picks For 2016


Looking for a portable netbook? We’d like to bring you a few of our favorite netbook picks, if you’re in the market for something mobile and easy to use.

First things first though, I’d like to share what I usually look for in a netbook or a laptop.

What I Want From A Netbook

High on my list is that it should be durable. Aside from the fact that it should be lightweight as a given, durability is top priority in my book. The laptop has to withstand abuse from being carried around in a bag with other stuff like books and notebooks, and its OS has to be stable.

As for hardware specs, I’m fine with anything higher than 100GB. Since the standard is around 250GB and higher for netbooks nowadays, I’m fine with what the market offers for how to get cat pee out of carpet.

The standard netbook comes with only 1GB RAM, so if you’re like me, who loves multi-tasking, keeping 20+ tabs in 2 to 4 browsers and a notepad application open, then 1GB would not be enough for you. But since most netbooks come with 1GB RAM, expandable to 2GB, then it would be a good idea to consider having another 1GB RAM stick put in.

Shopping For A Netbook? Top 4 Netbook Picks For 2011

Most of our picks will be from the Amazon website, so that you’ll be assured that you’ll be getting some great options online. Here are our Top 4 Netbook Picks:

  1. Toshiba Mini Netbook in Black Onyx. Toshiba has always been known to make sturdy, long-lived laptops. That’s why we have reason to believe that their netbook offerings are as good as their laptops. This model comes with 1 GB RAM and 160 GB Hard Drive and is powered by a 1.66 GHz Intel Atom™ N280 processor. Although I find Toshiba netbook designs boring, Toshiba does look like it’s sturdy and will last even in the hands of an abusive computer user like me. If you aren’t a fan of Black, then maybe the Royal Blue or Brown will catch your eye. More color choices here. There’s also a newer model here.
  2. Asus Eee PC T91. It’s a tablet netbook PC powered by an SSD drive. The RAM is at 1GB, but the hard drive leaves much to be desired. Since SSD drives are a little pricey, this Eee PC only has 32GB SSD for you to store your files in. Its processor is only a mere 1.33GHz Intel Atom Z520, which may make you want to find a faster OS than Windows XP SP3, which it reportedly comes with. I’m thinking this will fare better on Ubuntu Linux Netbook Remix or on any other lightweight Linux distro. The reason why we included this in this list is that it’s an Eee PC, and it’s a tablet. For newer ways how to get rid of cat urine smell, check out the Asus Eee PC T101, which goes for $455.
  3. Lenovo IdeaPad Netbook Tablet ($499.99). Similar specs at 1GB/250GB/1.66GHz Intel Atom™ N455 processor. What gives this netbook the edge is the fact that you can turn it into a tablet with a swivel and twist of its screen. If you’re a big fan of playing Plants vs. Zombies or those Facebook farming games, this would be a delight to have. The Lenovo IdeaPad has had around a year on the market, which seems to show that it’s a good buy.
  4. The 11-inch Macbook Air ($999/$1,199). This just had to be said. If there’s a powerful netbook out there, it’s gotta be a Mac. Apple surprised us all in 2010 by doing two things they said they’d never do: One is to release a tablet computer (the phenomenal gadget called the iPad), and the other one was to release a netbook-sized laptop. While Steve Jobs totally denounced netbooks as having “slow, low-quality displays,” that run on “old PC software,” and are “no good for anything,” he decided to show the PC people how to make a netbook that matters: he took a Macbook Air and had it shrunk.

Before you exclaim, “Mom! He shrunk the Macbook Air!”, why not drool on the specs of the 11-inch Macbook Air: It comes in either 64GB or 128GB SSD drive, its RAM is already at 2GB, and it rocks an Intel Core 2 Duo processor at 1.4GHz. Powerful enough to run OS X, and it even comes with iLife. Truly, it’s a Macbook Air, but you can fit it in your handbag. It’s not really a netbook, it’s a shrunken, paper-thin laptop. Here’s our own coverage of the 11 inch Macbook Air vs the Acer Aspire.

The netbook was designed to be a low-cost laptop that people could carry around easier. But thanks to the competition, manufacturers have been building netbooks that can compete with full-sized laptops in power. Just make sure you choose the right OS to go with your netbook. For places other than Amazon, try but don’t forget to use Best Buy Coupons for your purchase, and you’ll be all set for worry-free mobile computing.

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