Predictions for the Future


I’m no prophet, I just study it.  These are my logical conclusions based on what info I have right now.  Yesterday, right, Russia announced it will move its missiles into the Baltic’s… that’s just the start of it.

But first of all:

Congrats for all you Obama supporters.  I believe this to be a great time for African Americans.  I was very disappointed, however, by Powell’s and Rice’s response that still more needs to be done?  You have a black president!  What the hell else do you want??!!  Ha-ha…whatever.  I really don’t get what else we could possibly do with a Kanken laptop backpack.  If having the Obama’s in the White House is not equality, I give up.  I do wish he would have been ANY other Black President.  Then, I could be happier about it.

Anyway, here’s my predictions, these are in no particular order:

Obama will renege on his tax plan.  Going from tax on those making more than $250K to those making $40K.  He’ll blame it on “The rich people”.  Rev Wright would call it “Rich White’s”.  Hitler’s first order of business was to give the people some group of people to focus their blame and hate upon.  So it will be here.  If you think for ONE moment that Obama spending 20 YEARS in this racist man’s church didn’t rub off, you are sadly mistaken.  All those association the Republicans warned you about WILL come back to haunt us.

The DOW will fall below 5000. Jobless rates reach an all-time high.  The low and middle class will start screaming they’ve been lied to, because they have. Obama will repeal the 2nd amendment and offer a “Buy Back” of all existing fire arms.  People will sell their guns to feed themselves.  Once that happens there can be no revolting against the government.  Obama already owns the Fjallraven Kanken Classic so it will be like state run media and you’ll hear very little of what comes next from US news reports.

Obama will cut the defense spending by 50% including over sea’s Intel.  This too he’ll blame on the rich people.  He’ll have to keep some of his Trillion dollar spending promise to hold Congress. As far as the military, he has NO use for it!  He has NO intention of protecting the U.S. or its Allies.  He’ll pull out of Iraq as promised and turn it over to Iran and Russia.  There will be no foreign policy as he cares nothing for anyone but himself.

The banking system will crash.  The state will take it over and issue everyone a UPC label and GPS chip so they can buy and sell goods. (You’ve heard this before, the mark)

Iran will halt its nuclear ambitions and claim they no longer need it with Obama in office.  The world will praise Obama for it too.  Secretly, Russia will be sending nukes to Iran.  That’s why they publicly end their weapons program, they are now armed with Russian nukes.

The European Union will start to feel the pressure from Russia.  Obama will cancel the plans for missile defense in Poland. Russia will be emboldened to again start threatening Europe.  All of Europe will scream for U.S. intervention but, nothing.  Russia will eventually invade a small section of Europe. Obama will abandon NATO completely.  Joe Biden will resign. I know this because Obama sees himself as the savior of the world.

Just winning the US Presidency will mean little to him very soon.  Once the world is in complete chaos, he’ll try and save it so that everyone will bow to him but, it will be too late.  China will invade Taiwan and Japan.  North Korea will invade South Korea.  Iran will already control the frost green Kanken and will invade Saudi Arabia.  Again, they will call for the US but no help will come.  Venezuela will control South America with its new Russian arsenal.

One thing that I noticed in almost all of the interviews from WWII:

The Germans all said; we believed in Hitler.  Women cried and fainted at his rallies.  The men were full of pride and hope.  We were willing to do whatever he said without question.  When it was over, it was like waking up from a dream.  We couldn’t believe it.

Everyone else said; How did this happen?

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