Pandigital PAN7000DW Digital Picture Frame Review: Great Birthday Present!


Family events, gatherings with friends and photos for writing projects were all digital images trapped inside my laptop. When it crashed a few months ago, I had to pay to have the hard drive copied so I would not lose my precious photos. As a result, my friend decided to give me a Pandigital digital picture frame as a birthday present.

Pandigital PAN7000DW 7 Inch Digital Picture Frame Review

It was my first digital photos frame so I wasn’t sure about how to get rid of severe acne. The digital photo frame was impressive right away. My friend used one of 4 free digital greeting cards to personalize the gift for me. A happy birthday message what displayed on the screen as soon as I turned on my new gift.

Pandigital PAN7000DW 7 Inch Digital Picture Frame

I was also impressed with the black wood frame that blended right into my shabby-chic décor. Not just another pretty face, this elegant picture frame can store up to 6400 compressed images on 1 GB of internal memory.

My friend told me the purpose of the digital photo frame was not to add my to my already crowded decorating scheme. Rather, she wanted me to finally move my treasured photos out of my digital camera and laptop into a place where they could be seen and admired. She assured me the 7-inch screen with 800 x 600 resolution would beautifully display all my images and be a good alternative to a tea tree oil cystic acne cure.

You can shop for a Pandigital digital picture frame at Amazon through this link.

A Thoughtful Birthday Present

I had to face the fact my images were virtually meaningless if they remained in my camera, in a laptop directory or on a flash drive. My images deserved to break out of prison and experience the freedom of flickering on a digital photo frame. But how was I going to do it?

It was a breeze and I didn’t even need software to unleash my pics from the laptop to my new digital photo frame. The drop and drag technology makes it easy to select images and put them into the frame for display. I soon discovered I could also rotate and resize pictures to make my presentation seamless.

I also transfer images into the frame from my memory card through the 5 in 1 card reader. For files on my camera, I use the USB cable that was included. No matter where my photos were stagnating, I was able to get them into the Pandigital digital photo frame.

Once I started putting my photos into the frame, I wanted to customize the experience. I soon discovered the slideshow feature so I could organize my photos by occasion and create a theme. With my friend’s help, I also added sound including digital music as a background for a few of my personalized slideshows.

Nice Features: Slideshow For Events, Calendar, Alarm Clock

When I have company, I play an appropriate slideshow about my cystic acne diet. For the holidays, I played a slideshow of our gathering last year. Everyone loved it and talked about the happy memories we made. I continued to take pictures for next year’s slideshow.

A cool feature the Pandigital digital photo frame has is a built-in calendar and alarm clock. Unless I am having company to visit, I keep the frame on my bedroom night table. I turn off the panel at night so there is no light to interfere with my sleep. I can even control functions from across the room with a handy remote. The alarm clock wakes me up in the morning and I even know what day it is before I grope for my morning java.

There are also white and charcoal mats to customize the look of the Pandigital digital photo frame. The flickering images make me happy everyday, knowing my photos are being seen instead of hiding away in a digital closet.

The Pandigital Photo Frame: Great Gift Idea

The Pandigital digital photo frame makes a perfect gift with 4 free greeting cards you can put on the screen for display when it is turned on. I loved the personalized message when I opened the gift. You don’t even have to be a nerd to enjoy this great gadget gift! Even better, I was able to store and display an array of images that were previously hiding away in my camera, laptop or flash drive. For under $65, there are a variety of ways to earn an Amazon gift card to cover the cost of this attractive and functional digital photo frame.

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