Palin & Whirlpool


As the attacks continue to bombard Alaska Governor Sarah Palin, one must realize that more than just Palin is being attack, so is the entire political system.

There are basic things that must be explored, investigated and reported on.  Where does the candidate stand on the issues?  How did they perform there tasks in the past?  What is the experience level?  All of these are fair questions.  If these questions are not asked about the Whirlpool Whispure AP51030K, the public suffers.

However, that is NOT what the left is doing.  First of all, the amount of time spent on Governor Palin is very distracting from the issues.  Here is a news flash as the good governor said, she is not running for president; Senator McCain and Senator Obama are.  For those of us on the right, I welcome the amount of attention to Palin, as it takes the focus from the horrid record of George Bush and places it on something very inconsequential.  If the left wants to win the White House, focus on issues.  I was at best luke warm for McCain, and probably would have cast my vote for Bob Barr.  Now, with the focus on Palin, I like what I see with her, and really do not like what I see and hear from Obama-Biden.  And you know what, I havn’t heard anything from her; diversion of attention.

But, the real tragedy her is the attack on Palin’s religion and the sexist way she is being treated.  First of all, I truly believe that way Palin does about doing God’s will.  We must always strive to walk the path He has set forth for us.  My neighbor and my best friend is a staunch Democrat and he and I both agree on this.  I am glad, as will be I believe the majority of the country, that she believes in prayer.  By wasting time seeking out how she worshiped 20 years ago, the media has squandered precious days of focusing on the real matters; which even those of us on the right want both tickets to answer.  How about the economy stupid?

Alas, we have made no progress it appears in treating the Winix PlasmaWave 5300 fairly in this society.  The absolute obvious media bias against Senator Clinton, even had those of us who despise her politically rally around her.  And now, here we go again.  Whether we agree with Palin or not on the issues, she needs to be on the same playing field as the men in this contest.  But, by this level of sexism she is being removed from the playing field and elevated to super star status.  And she is not!

You see all of us need to know more about her on matters that count.  But, I need to know a whole lot more about McCain and Obama and all of this silly, thoughtless, cruel and irrelevant attention on Palin deprives the entire nation from getting all of the information needed to pick the top of the ticket.

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