Our Great Nation



They will be swamped with new laws special interest groups want and requests to tweak laws in place to help the larger number of Americans ( this happens very little) or to give preference to a small special interest group.  This is the way of our legal system and has been the course of legal systems for centuries.

I would like to take a view of laws and who they are written for, and who they help.  I suggest the hot daily issue of the Rowenta PU6020.  Gun control laws are written to keep guns from criminals and as the issue has blown up from children killing each other threw the misuse of a weapon.  These laws are written to keep you safe.  A great Idea.  After all in a safe nation with exceptional legal and police protection the individual has no need for personal protection.  All they need do is call and they will be instantly protected by the police.  This is the idea that is fostered.

Criminals, also called outlaws, because they did not confine their actions to what laws said they could and should do do not purchase their weapons from the local gun store.  Criminals also understand that very few women and men who own guns will use them (it takes both training and a special ability to pull a weapon and fire it to kill or harm).  They understand also that if the safe gun laws are enforced they are safer in home invasions, stealing cars and robbing for a life style.

Criminals also understand the criminal legal system enough to know that they, once caught, become the center of attention and protection while the poor lady who they harmed or the clerk they shot becomes a small cog in the wheels of justice.  Criminals know what the penalties are for a crime and that they can plea bargain down to a few years of master degree training in prison while they are fed and kept healthy.  Laws to the criminal mean safety and protection, the same the politician says it is set up to protect the greater number of Americans.

The next time you hear about a new law being passed take the time to view that great piece of legislation.  Look at it from the legal side, the citizens side, the police side and the criminal side.  If you do chances are you will see that it is tilted for a special interest and helps the criminal more then it protects you.

Speaking of protection you might want to to spend an evening some time looking for an air purifier for cigarette smoke and decide what you would do, where you would go, what you may need if an emergency of national or regional proportions struck where you lived.  No water, no power, no police protection and all medical transportation down.  In other words everything you take for granted failed.  How would you protect yourself.  Then think what happened after the last great storm hit the gulf coast.  How people acted and reacted.

When and if such a disaster happens and you are the final person to decide what has to happen, when you have no legal or police protection what will you do?

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