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Military Medals: Welcome

Military medals in the US military serve as recognition for excellent service in the armed forces. There are around 20 types of medals in the military. Each of these represents a particular act of good service. Military medals go to service members for outstanding performance in military operations, peacekeeping operations or humanitarian missions.

In the US Military, the tradition of awarding personal awards and decorations for military accomplishment started in the 19th century. It awards military medals to its personnel for various reasons. Earning a medal requires a lot of dedication and commitment to service. Each medal has its own significance and it comes in a particular position in the order of importance.

The Medal of Honor is the highest honor in the US Military. This military medal covers all the services of military. However, the design of the medal varies from service to service. The US Army first started awarding this medal in 1947. The US Air Force also started its own version of the Medal of Honor. The US Navy issues this award to the Navy and Marines personnel. The US Coast Guard too has a separate version of the Medal of Honor.

The US President can grant the Medal of Honor upon approval from the Congress. As the Congress approval is necessary for this military medal, it is also known as the Congressional Medal of Honor. Another prominent medal in the US Military is the Armed Forces Service Medal. This award came into effect by an order of President William J. Clinton in January 1996. This medal goes to those service members who participate in “significant activity” for which there is no other award of recognition.

Other prominent medals in the US Military include the Silver Star, Purple Heart, Legion of Merit, Distinguished Flying Cross, Bronze Star Medal and Distinguished Medal of Service. There are some more military medals, which are comparatively easier to win. The medal for good conduct is one such award.

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