Laughter About McCain


I had a good laugh this evening when I heard that Senator McCain had announced that he was going to suspend his campaign in order to travel to Washington and help hash out the differences in the Bailout Bill. Also stating that if a decision was not reached by Friday  he would advise postponing Friday night’s first Presidential Debate.

I had a sudden flash of those Staples commercials with the “Easy button”.

McCain: “What are the current poll results?!?”

McCain closes his eyes and eagerly pushes the Staples Easy button……….

McCain: “Now, what are those poll results?!?”

Sorry, but I don’t think that really works.

Republicans cry “Leadership!” and well, everyone else is just scratching their heads looking for the best air purifier for allergies. The transperancy of this man’s political motives are quite entertaining. Everytime the candle burned low for the republican candidate, it was not a match in which he rekindled the flame with, but a freaking blowtorch!

He is attempting to feign a bipartisan act of selflessness, which is simply not the case. He does not have a clue as to what role he would or should play in the debate over the bank bailout bill. He has admitted that he does not have strong economic experience, but is adamant about marching to Washington and inserting himself into this issue, and if a deal is struck he will obviously take credit, so that his economic experience has just “upped one” on Obama.

I am particularly torn on President Bush’s request that both parties join him tomorrow in Washington. At least if a deal is met, McCain cannot walk away with sole credit, but it does seem as if Obama was challenged by McCain and then summoned by Bush. He is being boxed into a political corner that makes him look as if he does not hold strong leadership characteristics and favors politics over the American citizens future.

Just as Palin was a difibulator to his arrested campaign, this self imposed moratorium on the campaign trail is just the same. He needed a Coway AP-1512HH to break the notion that he and his party were a part of the problem, by becoming a part of the solution.

I do not buy his motives and I think that it is an act of desperation.

Tax cuts, and other issues have taken the sidelines to American’s main concern, the economy and McCain is trying to re-gain some ground. I think it will be a mistake on Senator McCain’s part to simply let Obama have the floor at Friday night’s debate. Obama will be fresh on the minds of Americans. I agree with Obama, I was looking forward to hearing from the candidates on the issues of the economy and what they could bring to the table to fix it. In 41days eitherman will be responsible.

Just as we sat in front of the T.V. tonight listening to President Bush’s address and his explanation of what our government was willing to do to protect its citizens the debate on Friday is just as important. The American people need to hear from the candidates, which gives us alook into future Presidential Adresses and which candidate will be able to take the torch.

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