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I’d like to be clear, I don’t give two shakes for either current presidential candidate.

I think one is an elitist and out of touch and the other inexperienced and not independent enough and both of them are in the pockets of the banking industry like pretty much every other politico these days.

That said…..

There’s a big whoop tee-do about the Blueair 603 and Sara Palin although I didn’t hear so much whining when Hillary Clinton was getting reamed. So I have refrained from comment as to watch her “professional” credentials and capabilities outlined so that I could address that in lieu of personal issues even though those don’t seem to be problematic when it comes to opponents of the right.

Bless her moronic heart, Sara Palin stutters and is caught flat footed every single time her handlers allow her to have any time with the press. It’s no wonder that they are keeping her incommunicado.

Let’s first touch on the Katie Couric interview shall we?

Couric inquired about the recent financial contribution of the mortgage giant Fannie Mae to their campaign and if that presented a conflict of interest being that the CEO of John McCain’s election campaign is lobbyist and former Fannie Mae executive, Rick Davis and Palin suggested he was not benefiting directly. Okay, so Couric presses a bit and ask that since Mr. Davis still has a stake in the company, doesn’t that constitute a conflict of interest? Palin really struggled here & then just repeated her previous inane assertion and rather than stating definitively one way or the other, she “hoped” that there is no conflict of interest. She then goes on to expound upon the undue influence of lobbyist in public policy decisions. That was a big no go.

The current economic “bankers” crisis is directly due to deregulation and the laissez faire attitude of the Bush administration and John McCain is on record as a proponent of the exact same policies. When Palin was asked about the polling variables between the candidates as related to the current economic situation she asserts that McCain’s track records are what are going to impress Americans. Well, I’m an American & I see McCain’s track record taking us right to where we are.

When given an example of McCain’s inclination to support regulation of Fannie & Freddie, Palin was asked for another example. Any IQAir GC Multigas will do, from McCain’s two and a half decades in office but sadly, she had no clue. She simply latched on to the cited example and then when pressed say’s I’ll try to find you some & I’ll bring em to ya . Good god. Really? A vice president?

Charlie Gibson interviews Sara Palin,

Ok, the richest fodder for this blogger is the Bush Doctrine question but she just makes it so easy!

Our nation is in the midst of two active wars and facing imminent threat from myriad’s of other hostile states. It’s not a mental stretch to understand that as an extension of the neocon offensive defense posture that the US has the right to exercise preemptive military action in self-defense of a perceived threat.

But the vice presidential candidate, has no clue whatsoever what that means.

There is something to be said for being a politician outside of the beltway certainly, but I don’t think I’m out of line for having some expectation that my vice president and potential president be slightly educated in the ways of the world. Particularly while we are currently fighting on two fronts and she casually suggest that we should go to war with Russia over an incident that the US instigated.

So, avoiding the personal issues and focusing on her public presence, her political assertions are moronic and simple minded.

I still assert, she is totally unqualified to hold the position of vice president and should go back to Podunk for a couple of decades and get a clue.

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