Getting the Best Nails for Your Wedding


Hi everyone, we hope that you are all well and enjoying your weekend.

So many of you guys are getting married soon, or are planning to wed in the near future. And we were sat here thinking about how we could help you, when it comes to the best flat iron for natural hair.

It came to us, that a lot of brides put a huge amount of attention into things like the dress, the cake, the reception, table decorations, seating plans etc. But, how many of you actually take the time to think about your nails?

Before doing anything, we strongly recommend that you have your nails manicured so that they are all even, neat and tidy. If you have short nails, or are in the habit of biting them, why not treat yourself and have false nails professionally done? False nails don’t have to be cheap and nasty. Plus, if you don’t feel comfortable with long nails, you can have false nails that aren’t too long, but still look great.

The colour that you pick for your nails is so important, and in most cases, should be subtle, as it should never detract anything away from your wedding dress, especially if you are being traditional in white. Most brides opt for a clear nail polish, with perfectly manicured white tips. This looks incredibly classy, and if you want to add a little something special, why not stamp love hearts onto each nail using a white polish? The heart designs at the top and bottom of image plate M3 (right) would both look lovely, although any small design in a white, light pink or lilac colour would look great.

Think about it this way: since you got engaged, how many of your girl friends have eyed up your Engagement ring? Right, now think how many women are going to be at your Wedding Ceremony and Reception, all wanting to ogle your sparkly sleep mask? We wouldn’t want them to be greeted by bad nails!

If you don’t want clear coloured nails, then why not pick a colour that complements your dress or flowers? Or, perhaps you could choose a colour that represents the time of year.

For summer, pinks and purples look beautiful, because they represent flowers, whilst you might choose a subtle yellow shadow for the design, to represent the sun. Yellow for the base coat, could be a little too bold, unless your wedding dress is yellow of course. You could complement summery bridal nails with flowers, or cute butterflies.

Winter, is traditionally a cold month, so white or icy blues and aquas would give an essence of coolness and snow. These colours all look amazing on winter brides. However, if pale colours don’t suit your skin tone, or just don’t take your fancy, a rich red or deep plum or pink would also look great, representing the warmth of log fires. Complement winter nails, with snowflakes, or swirly designs representing the snow.

During spring, nature is beginning to awaken, and we always notice the colour of the blossoms on the trees. For this reasons, pinks look incredible in spring. You could opt for subtle pastel pinks, or even something a little bolder depending on your dress and/or personality. Similar to summer nails, spring nails look fabulous with butterflies or the best white noise machine you can find.

Autumn is potentially the boldest season. With golds and browns taking over nature, golds and browns would look great on your nails. Also think about bronze colours, or rich green colours. Designs of autumnal leaves would be a beautiful addition to any autumn-based nail.

Whichever colour you choose, make sure you wear it with confidence, and enjoy your nails.

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