Get Food Savings Using Coupons


You can actually build a whole week’s breakfast menu just from the front page of a coupon website. A crazy notion? Well, not until you actually go to the Why Do Cats Spray website and see for yourself how they’ve arranged the front page.

Get Food Savings Using Coupons

Take for example the front page of We see that there are coupons from Jell-o, Cheerios, Yoplait, Hostess, FiberOne and Nature Valley. While some of these choices are hardly healthy, these do let a busy gal or guy grab a quick breakfast for the next six days. Surely some of us won’t mind just grabbing Jello before heading out to work, or the moment we hit our cubicle, as rush hour may not allow us to have a full meal of bacon and eggs. How about the FiberOne or Nature Valley granola bars? They’re already a meal in themselves. So for six days in a week, a busy working guy or gal would then be able to save on breakfast just from a page off of

Breakfast Options From Jell-o, Cheerios and Yoplait

This is a great way to save on groceries with printable online grocery coupons. But more than the savings, hanging out on online coupon sites or grocery sites allows you to make food choices without much difficulty or thought.

For your significant other, a coupon site is also a great place to find deals on chocolates and treats. If you note, right beside Jello is a coupon for Mars Valentine’s chocolates. We’re sure your loved one won’t be able to resist a good pack of Valentine’s M&M’s (just monitor your intake of sugar!).

If I were a health-conscious mom, I’d be able to pick out a few healthy desserts from looking through the Foods filter of alone:

Yoplait (try out this Yoplait Greek Yogurt Dip!)

FiberOne Chewy Bars

Nature’s Valley Granola Bars

Yoplait Go-GURT

Dannon Light & Fit Yogurt

Dannon DanActive Yogurt

And there are a good selection of remedies for cat peeing on bed from Pillsbury, Betty Crocker and even Weight Watchers. While I’m not a big fan of cookies, if you think they’re okay to let your kids snack on them occasionally, you can save on your cookies purchases from coupon sites like

If you think that couponing (or even online couponing) is a time-wasting exercise, maybe you could take a look through websites like and see how enticing the offers are. For one, I’m happy at how easy it is to find the coupons I need.

Coffee aficionados like me are also in for a treat. If you like being thorough about looking for your coupons, chances are, you’d be able to come across a deal for Caribou Coffee. If you like Chai, there’s also a coupon for Oregon Chai. It’s also a treat to find coupons for Welch’s juice in a 6-pack set, Hidden Valley Salad Kits, and even Crisco oils and Land O Lakes butter. Much as I’d love to give you the pages where I found them, and the other coupons websites are updated automatically, so the deals may have moved within minutes of checking. But do take a little time going through the pages, and you’ll find them there. You may also find these through PPGazette.

Maybe clipping coupons from newspapers and magazines is a tedious exercise. But if you’re couponing with the help of websites like, SmartSource, RedPlum, Valpak and the like, maybe you’ll find that it’s a pretty enjoyable exercise, after all.

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