Essentials Best Beauty Buys 2016


Hey guys…how are you liking the hot and sunny weather? Today, we’ve been enjoying a ride on one of the country’s best steam railways, and on our travels, we picked up a copy of Essentials Magazine (UK’s Fastest Growing Women’s Monthly). We have to admit that the real lure was the fact that the cover boasted to tell us all about the “101 Best Value Beauty Buys”, so imagine our excitement that some of our favourite nail products were included in both the “For the Perfect Mani and Pedi” and “best youth baseball glove” categories.

Perfect Mani and Pedi Categories

Best Multi-Purpose Base/Top Coat

Orly Top 2 Bottom Basecoat & Topcoat All-in-One. £9.25. Not a cheap option, by any means, but it is prevents our nails from getting stained by our favourite dark shades of nail polish, so it really is worth every single penny of our hard earned money. Plus it makes our nails perfectly chip-free!

Best Nail Polish Salon Range

OPI Nail Lacquer. £9.95. OPI offer a beautiful range of colours that work so cutely together, and the ultra wide brush allows for a much quicker application, than the majority of other polishes, making this a great nail polish, used by professional and perfect for us too.

Best Fast-Dry Manicure Treatment

Nails Inc Kensington Caviar 45sec Top Coat. £11. Not only voted Essential’s Favourite Fast-Dry Food Steamer, but also the Editor’s Favourite, with Ed Jules declaring this as everyone’s “must-have product”, purely because the product is pretty much perfect.

Best Nail File

Leighton Denny Crystal Nail File. £12. Crystal nail files are popular, not only because they inevitably have a longer lifespan for a typical nail file or emery board, but is also gentle on your talons, ensuring that when you are filing your nails, you aren’t damaging them, making them brittle and/or weak.

Best Nail Treatment

Jessica Restoration. £16.65. Anyone who suffers from weak and/or brittle nails, or has damaged nails due to long usage of acrylic nails, would be lost without this product in their collection. Quite simply, this will nurse them back to how your nails should be; strong, beautiful and undamaged.

Best Nail Polish High Street Range

Revlon Nail Enamel. £6.29. Admittedly, to us, this is one of the higher end high street nail varnishes (with many brands being cheaper, despite Essential Magazine’s proclamation that “You can’t beat the price [of Revlon Nail Enamel].”, however, anything that doesn’t chip has got to be a god-send to us nail polish devotees.

Fab Feet and Hands Categories

Best Foot Cream

Origins Reinventing the two wheel scooter. £19. Sore feet from walking/dancing/working/chasing the kids around? Perhaps you have cracked heels, rough patches and blisters that are making your life a nightmare. This product will have your feet back to their old selves before you know it, meaning you don’t have to stop life to have healthy feet.

Best Hand Cream

Yes to Carrots Hand and Elbow Moisturising Cream. £8.99. The long hot weather can be hell for our hands, as the heat dries our skin out. This product not only keeps your hands nice and soft, but your elbows too, and if you’re anything like us, you will know how dry elbows can get!

We think Essentials has picked some great products that will have your hands, feet, nails and elbows in tip-top condition, but don’t forget, once you have finished with your manicures and pedicures, to add a little touch of colour with some Konad Nail Art, using one of our brilliant Image Plates. With nails like these, you are ready for a summer of fun in the sun, confident in the knowledge that your hands are being well looked after. So, what are you waiting for slow pokes? Go enjoy your nails!

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