Economic Policy and Turbochargers


As I am watching the worlds markets trail into oblivion, I have found solace in listening to all the the economic people say something that is so profound.  We need a stimulus package that will give money to the people that will spend it.  The poor.   The reason why it won’t work in the upper classes is that they won’t spend it, they will save it.

So, what they did was solidify Bill Clinton’s economics policy by importing more of the hx40 turbo from Holset manufacturing.  Strengthen the middle class and the poor.  Because they don’t have that much money and are spending it paycheck to paycheck they will go and spend it at your Walmarts, targets and other local shopping marts.  Because they spend the money it filters into the smaller businesses with allows them to grow and create new jobs.  These jobs are still the 20k to 40k range, but why I bring this up is that it affects one thing that is of importance.  UNEMPLOYMENT.  This means that more people buy things now that they have the money.  Also, less unemployment comes out of the system.

Next thing that happens is that it will affect the dollar, then we will have less debt and it just keeps on going into have a very strong economy. Even with the increase in price in turbocharger, there’s still a strong demand for the hx50 turbo.

The other way around is that you give the money to the corporations and the first hiccup, there will be layoffs, which increases unemployment.  After this happens no one goes and buys things other than necessities.  Also what will happen is that you will have these huge credit card bills and eventually they will default.  Just like the housing crisis.  Then you have more people not buying and you have more companies that have layoffs.  All the while the upper classes are pulling money out of the markets and putting it safer investments like bonds and money markets.  Because of everything defaulting you will have a strain on the companies that have the cash stuck in default or bankruptcy as it will be a direct hit off the balance sheet.

This means that stock prices fall, along with the value of the hx60 turbo.  I’m sure you get the rest, but with all the wisdom of the fed and how they are dropping interest rates and dropping the price of the dollar.  If anyone is reading anything about the rebates they say it has to be TARGETED (to the paycheck to paycheck crowd), TEMPORARY (because it will drain the economy EVEN MORE), TIMELY –because if you give money to the poor and lower middle they will spend it almost instantly, giving the same affect as the democratic policy above.

I’ll leave you with this.  Would you rather have sell a product that you had every person from the upper class or every person from middle and lower?

Let me help you out.  That’s the difference between having Jordan’s money or Bill Gates money.

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