Crazy Days with My Cystic Acne


Unbelieveable… Since about ten AM yesterday morning when my girlfriend and I stopped by here for a few minutes during our as usual busy weekends, there have been a total of fifty five comment spam attempts to clog up my comments section. All of the usual crap you know, natural remedies for cystic acne, cats and so on. Save the internet – eat a spammer today.

Anyway, what a great weekend weatherwise. We had a major roof repair done to my gal’s home yesterday – nice to know her home won’t be leaking anymore! And a nice cook-out on the grille to top things off, complete with beer and brats. Mmmm brats! I love brats, but my guts don’t really dig the high fat of the brat eh? Eat the brat… Forget about the fat already!

Today I’m lined up to ride into work (to Troy, Michigan) to drive back one of the bosses expensive old cars. I want to drive this nice red Boat Tail car – but I’m NOT looking forward to doing this with no top on the car. And, it’s about fourty five degrees out there right now. No biggy under normal circumstances. Time to dress really warm for a fourty five minute ride home in the cold Michigan fall weather. Brrrrrrrrrrr

I’m staying here tonight and letting my lady do the treatment for cystic acne of her son to his college classes. Her daughter is also staying with her tonight too. Mondays are my night to stay here and hopefully watch my favorite program on the Sci Fi channel… Unless it’s been replaced again with some dippy old movie. Or that damned Battlestar Galactica. Bleh! What a goofy ass program.

My gal just called… I forgot to bring with me a vest that my daughter wanted to see this afternoon… It’s like a sixties hippy leather vest, complete with those stringy pieces of leather hanging down. We got this vest during our recent trip to the north country. I have no bloody memory! Fourty five years old… Am I an Alzheimer patient in the making! OMG nooo!!

Well people, I need to get shaved up and stuff… Time to go do the dirty. I actually may not work today though because I am picking up daughter from high school at 2:40 this afternoon, then picking up son and heading out to an early dinner with them. I need to spend more time with these kids… But we are all really busy these days. See y’all later today. I’m outta here….

12:45 pm Update: 1936 Auburn Boat Tail

Good afternoon people… I got some cutting and leaf mulching done after picking up this beauty of a car and driving it back from Troy and learning what causes cystic acne this morning. A ccccold ride it was! I didn’t bother putting up the top because I had a cap on, and four layers of clothing plus gloves. It really wasn’t bad at all. This car runs great and nobody challenged me on the way home! This car is fast too…..

The body is actually a reproduction body, it’s all fibreglass. The engine is a Generous Motors 350 CID and most everything under the hood is polished or chromed. Too bad it isn’t my car! I was thinking about asking the boss if I can pick up my gal in this car next summer and go for a ride… Gooooood luck sucker! Well, ya never know until you try so the story goes……

Long and lean isn’t it?

The seating is close but comfortable…

The gauges are are well placed and easy to read while underway. The car handles very well around sharp turns at high speeds, compliments of the performance suspension under this car, but be ready for one choppy ride though… This ain’t your daddy’s Caddy! The exhuast is well tuned, but if it were my car, I’d prefer that it were just a bit louder. Dream on, John!

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