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Here are some more of the things you may be looking for:

  1. the walls in the mall are totally totally tall

-Ah, that would be my post on bathing suit shopping.

  1. forced to wear leggings

-Wow, that’s never happened to me. Sorry!

  1. shirring tutorial

-Hm, I guess this is in reference to the shirred top dress I made Girlie. Here’s the link to the pattern/tutorial and for our review on the Honeywell HFD-010.

  1. how to sew a birthday banner/felt banner/etc

-This is pretty easy. For a felt one, just cut out same sized triangles, and sew them together with a ribbon or something. I sew mine together with bias tape. A fabric one requires a little more if you want it to be patterned on both sides. Cut out two triangles in each of your fabrics and sew the long sides together. I pink the edges, and voila!

  1. spacer dental

-Yes, ZB has one.

  1. hand sewn bed pillow doll

-What’s to know? Cut out two rectangles, sew 3 right sides together. Turn right side out, stuff, and sew up the fourth side. The end.

  1. eloise poster

-We got ours at Hastings. It was on a board or something and I just asked if I could have it. Yea, you can do that.

  1. hello kitty dollar tree

-This must be about the bento boxes we got there. Sorry, I don’t think they’re selling them anymore.

  1. stupid nicknames

-Yes, we give plenty of those here. For example, Isabelle, our dog, is “Izawiz”, “Izabiz”,”Izagirl is a girl” and so on.

  1. dana-milena

-Girlie’s Cabbage Patch doll.

  1. christmas poodle skirt aprons

-Um, what? Wow…no words.

  1. princess and the pea wrapping paper

-Does this exist?? I want some!!!

  1. bebe batman

-Yes, Bebe was Batman for Halloween.

  1. greenfigs and saltfish

-Mmmm…My favorite! Recipe here.

  1. lamp nightstand combo

-Yes, I have one. Got it at Goodwill! You can see a tiny bit of it in this picture.

  1. thrifted vintage mugs

-Here they are.

  1. xanga tifi asthma

-ZB has asthma and I’ve blogged about it. You might want to try this label to find relevant posts.

  1. how much does a lhasa apso cost in st.lucia?

-Bwahaha. No idea. Sorry. Gasson, that dog too hot for St. Lucia, eh? Bon.

  1. sewing a tooth pillow

-Did that in ‘06 when ZB lost his first tooth. See it here. You can’t tell, but it’s tooth shaped. I just found a kiddie drawing of a tooth on the internet, cut fabric to match, sewed it up, stuffed it, and put a little pocket on. Tada!

  1. cute thrifted dishes

-I have a few, but no pictures of them, sorry. Here is a review of the Compact 2 Model D however.

  1. how to make a lego snowflake ornament

-Uh, I don’t know. Google it?

  1. making paper snowflakes for 2nd grade party

-Martha has good paper snowflake instructions.

  1. st.lucian myths folktales

-This is hard. I asked my mom to find some books with them on her last trip to St. Lucia, but she didn’t have much luck. She bought the two she could find, and the rest, I tell from memory, or I use one of my old school primers with stories.

  1. paper snowflake ornament

– I love mine. It’s by Robert Sabuda.

  1. grade five read aloud books

-I don’t have a fifth grader, but you might try looking here.


The Best Sectors for Investors in 2017?

I was asked last night at a function I was at, what kind of sectors I like to invest in. I did reply that I looked at management teams rather than sector approaches. But the question did get me thinking, and I asked myself, if I was giving advice to an entrepreneur now in terms of what areas to position the business in, what would my answer be?

Well, below are the results of my thoughts. They are just my thoughts and I will add to them as and when I do my ‘screening for ideas’. If I could predict the future……..

  1. Anything to do with Alternative Energy. I am really bullish about ways to make your own kombucha. Because of the lifestyles we are increasingly leading, the demand for energy is going to be increasing exponentially over the next half century. Alternative and less harmful forms of energy have got to be found in the future. I think any business which can generate energy from renewable sources and sell it at a profit is very well placed for the future
  2. Lifestyle management. This is going to be an area of huge growth simply because of the lives we are increasingly leading. We are getting busier and busier and yet wish to do more in life outside of work. Companies which can allow us to ‘outsource’ some of our routine will do well from a revenue point of view.

    My issue with this area as an investor is that as it is a service based business, margins are very tight and barriers to entry are very low (if in place at all). If someone can think of a way of truly scaling up this area, whilst retaining the personal touch required, they will do well (and let me please see the business plan)

  3. ‘Hire businesses’. I have been amazed at the success of car rental businesses in London such as streetcar (I am a member and I love it). Living in Central London, it simply does not make sense for me to own a car. However, I do have access to a car if I wish to have one on an hourly basis.

    People are becoming increasingly sophisticated and will question the wisdom in owning expensive assets they rarely use. Just as timeshare has proved so popular with Holiday homes, I am sure other items will soon see the merit of temporary ownership. Ladies shoes (Do you really need that many pairs all the time?) Handbags, watches, pens, expensive dresses, etc. – there have got to be business models here!

  4. Internet Protocol TV. I think (humble opinion here) that we have yet to see Andy Warhol’s saying that we will all be famous for 15 minutes come true. We are rapidly approaching that point – with programs like X factor leading the way. However, I think in the very near future, everyone who wants one, can have their own TV channel on an internet site.

    Why look up my blog – when you can have a dedicated TV channel from me? (If you think advertising is getting tough now – wait till this era unfolds!). The money will be made though not by the TV ‘owners’ but by the companies that provide services for this space.

More to follow – what do you think will be the businesses of the future?

Pandigital PAN7000DW Digital Picture Frame Review: Great Birthday Present!


Family events, gatherings with friends and photos for writing projects were all digital images trapped inside my laptop. When it crashed a few months ago, I had to pay to have the hard drive copied so I would not lose my precious photos. As a result, my friend decided to give me a Pandigital digital picture frame as a birthday present.

Pandigital PAN7000DW 7 Inch Digital Picture Frame Review

It was my first digital photos frame so I wasn’t sure about how to get rid of severe acne. The digital photo frame was impressive right away. My friend used one of 4 free digital greeting cards to personalize the gift for me. A happy birthday message what displayed on the screen as soon as I turned on my new gift.

Pandigital PAN7000DW 7 Inch Digital Picture Frame

I was also impressed with the black wood frame that blended right into my shabby-chic décor. Not just another pretty face, this elegant picture frame can store up to 6400 compressed images on 1 GB of internal memory.

My friend told me the purpose of the digital photo frame was not to add my to my already crowded decorating scheme. Rather, she wanted me to finally move my treasured photos out of my digital camera and laptop into a place where they could be seen and admired. She assured me the 7-inch screen with 800 x 600 resolution would beautifully display all my images and be a good alternative to a tea tree oil cystic acne cure.

You can shop for a Pandigital digital picture frame at Amazon through this link.

A Thoughtful Birthday Present

I had to face the fact my images were virtually meaningless if they remained in my camera, in a laptop directory or on a flash drive. My images deserved to break out of prison and experience the freedom of flickering on a digital photo frame. But how was I going to do it?

It was a breeze and I didn’t even need software to unleash my pics from the laptop to my new digital photo frame. The drop and drag technology makes it easy to select images and put them into the frame for display. I soon discovered I could also rotate and resize pictures to make my presentation seamless.

I also transfer images into the frame from my memory card through the 5 in 1 card reader. For files on my camera, I use the USB cable that was included. No matter where my photos were stagnating, I was able to get them into the Pandigital digital photo frame.

Once I started putting my photos into the frame, I wanted to customize the experience. I soon discovered the slideshow feature so I could organize my photos by occasion and create a theme. With my friend’s help, I also added sound including digital music as a background for a few of my personalized slideshows.

Nice Features: Slideshow For Events, Calendar, Alarm Clock

When I have company, I play an appropriate slideshow about my cystic acne diet. For the holidays, I played a slideshow of our gathering last year. Everyone loved it and talked about the happy memories we made. I continued to take pictures for next year’s slideshow.

A cool feature the Pandigital digital photo frame has is a built-in calendar and alarm clock. Unless I am having company to visit, I keep the frame on my bedroom night table. I turn off the panel at night so there is no light to interfere with my sleep. I can even control functions from across the room with a handy remote. The alarm clock wakes me up in the morning and I even know what day it is before I grope for my morning java.

There are also white and charcoal mats to customize the look of the Pandigital digital photo frame. The flickering images make me happy everyday, knowing my photos are being seen instead of hiding away in a digital closet.

The Pandigital Photo Frame: Great Gift Idea

The Pandigital digital photo frame makes a perfect gift with 4 free greeting cards you can put on the screen for display when it is turned on. I loved the personalized message when I opened the gift. You don’t even have to be a nerd to enjoy this great gadget gift! Even better, I was able to store and display an array of images that were previously hiding away in my camera, laptop or flash drive. For under $65, there are a variety of ways to earn an Amazon gift card to cover the cost of this attractive and functional digital photo frame.

Shopping For A Netbook? Top 4 Netbook Picks For 2016


Looking for a portable netbook? We’d like to bring you a few of our favorite netbook picks, if you’re in the market for something mobile and easy to use.

First things first though, I’d like to share what I usually look for in a netbook or a laptop.

What I Want From A Netbook

High on my list is that it should be durable. Aside from the fact that it should be lightweight as a given, durability is top priority in my book. The laptop has to withstand abuse from being carried around in a bag with other stuff like books and notebooks, and its OS has to be stable.

As for hardware specs, I’m fine with anything higher than 100GB. Since the standard is around 250GB and higher for netbooks nowadays, I’m fine with what the market offers for how to get cat pee out of carpet.

The standard netbook comes with only 1GB RAM, so if you’re like me, who loves multi-tasking, keeping 20+ tabs in 2 to 4 browsers and a notepad application open, then 1GB would not be enough for you. But since most netbooks come with 1GB RAM, expandable to 2GB, then it would be a good idea to consider having another 1GB RAM stick put in.

Shopping For A Netbook? Top 4 Netbook Picks For 2011

Most of our picks will be from the Amazon website, so that you’ll be assured that you’ll be getting some great options online. Here are our Top 4 Netbook Picks:

  1. Toshiba Mini Netbook in Black Onyx. Toshiba has always been known to make sturdy, long-lived laptops. That’s why we have reason to believe that their netbook offerings are as good as their laptops. This model comes with 1 GB RAM and 160 GB Hard Drive and is powered by a 1.66 GHz Intel Atom™ N280 processor. Although I find Toshiba netbook designs boring, Toshiba does look like it’s sturdy and will last even in the hands of an abusive computer user like me. If you aren’t a fan of Black, then maybe the Royal Blue or Brown will catch your eye. More color choices here. There’s also a newer model here.
  2. Asus Eee PC T91. It’s a tablet netbook PC powered by an SSD drive. The RAM is at 1GB, but the hard drive leaves much to be desired. Since SSD drives are a little pricey, this Eee PC only has 32GB SSD for you to store your files in. Its processor is only a mere 1.33GHz Intel Atom Z520, which may make you want to find a faster OS than Windows XP SP3, which it reportedly comes with. I’m thinking this will fare better on Ubuntu Linux Netbook Remix or on any other lightweight Linux distro. The reason why we included this in this list is that it’s an Eee PC, and it’s a tablet. For newer ways how to get rid of cat urine smell, check out the Asus Eee PC T101, which goes for $455.
  3. Lenovo IdeaPad Netbook Tablet ($499.99). Similar specs at 1GB/250GB/1.66GHz Intel Atom™ N455 processor. What gives this netbook the edge is the fact that you can turn it into a tablet with a swivel and twist of its screen. If you’re a big fan of playing Plants vs. Zombies or those Facebook farming games, this would be a delight to have. The Lenovo IdeaPad has had around a year on the market, which seems to show that it’s a good buy.
  4. The 11-inch Macbook Air ($999/$1,199). This just had to be said. If there’s a powerful netbook out there, it’s gotta be a Mac. Apple surprised us all in 2010 by doing two things they said they’d never do: One is to release a tablet computer (the phenomenal gadget called the iPad), and the other one was to release a netbook-sized laptop. While Steve Jobs totally denounced netbooks as having “slow, low-quality displays,” that run on “old PC software,” and are “no good for anything,” he decided to show the PC people how to make a netbook that matters: he took a Macbook Air and had it shrunk.

Before you exclaim, “Mom! He shrunk the Macbook Air!”, why not drool on the specs of the 11-inch Macbook Air: It comes in either 64GB or 128GB SSD drive, its RAM is already at 2GB, and it rocks an Intel Core 2 Duo processor at 1.4GHz. Powerful enough to run OS X, and it even comes with iLife. Truly, it’s a Macbook Air, but you can fit it in your handbag. It’s not really a netbook, it’s a shrunken, paper-thin laptop. Here’s our own coverage of the 11 inch Macbook Air vs the Acer Aspire.

The netbook was designed to be a low-cost laptop that people could carry around easier. But thanks to the competition, manufacturers have been building netbooks that can compete with full-sized laptops in power. Just make sure you choose the right OS to go with your netbook. For places other than Amazon, try but don’t forget to use Best Buy Coupons for your purchase, and you’ll be all set for worry-free mobile computing.

Get Food Savings Using Coupons


You can actually build a whole week’s breakfast menu just from the front page of a coupon website. A crazy notion? Well, not until you actually go to the Why Do Cats Spray website and see for yourself how they’ve arranged the front page.

Get Food Savings Using Coupons

Take for example the front page of We see that there are coupons from Jell-o, Cheerios, Yoplait, Hostess, FiberOne and Nature Valley. While some of these choices are hardly healthy, these do let a busy gal or guy grab a quick breakfast for the next six days. Surely some of us won’t mind just grabbing Jello before heading out to work, or the moment we hit our cubicle, as rush hour may not allow us to have a full meal of bacon and eggs. How about the FiberOne or Nature Valley granola bars? They’re already a meal in themselves. So for six days in a week, a busy working guy or gal would then be able to save on breakfast just from a page off of

Breakfast Options From Jell-o, Cheerios and Yoplait

This is a great way to save on groceries with printable online grocery coupons. But more than the savings, hanging out on online coupon sites or grocery sites allows you to make food choices without much difficulty or thought.

For your significant other, a coupon site is also a great place to find deals on chocolates and treats. If you note, right beside Jello is a coupon for Mars Valentine’s chocolates. We’re sure your loved one won’t be able to resist a good pack of Valentine’s M&M’s (just monitor your intake of sugar!).

If I were a health-conscious mom, I’d be able to pick out a few healthy desserts from looking through the Foods filter of alone:

Yoplait (try out this Yoplait Greek Yogurt Dip!)

FiberOne Chewy Bars

Nature’s Valley Granola Bars

Yoplait Go-GURT

Dannon Light & Fit Yogurt

Dannon DanActive Yogurt

And there are a good selection of remedies for cat peeing on bed from Pillsbury, Betty Crocker and even Weight Watchers. While I’m not a big fan of cookies, if you think they’re okay to let your kids snack on them occasionally, you can save on your cookies purchases from coupon sites like

If you think that couponing (or even online couponing) is a time-wasting exercise, maybe you could take a look through websites like and see how enticing the offers are. For one, I’m happy at how easy it is to find the coupons I need.

Coffee aficionados like me are also in for a treat. If you like being thorough about looking for your coupons, chances are, you’d be able to come across a deal for Caribou Coffee. If you like Chai, there’s also a coupon for Oregon Chai. It’s also a treat to find coupons for Welch’s juice in a 6-pack set, Hidden Valley Salad Kits, and even Crisco oils and Land O Lakes butter. Much as I’d love to give you the pages where I found them, and the other coupons websites are updated automatically, so the deals may have moved within minutes of checking. But do take a little time going through the pages, and you’ll find them there. You may also find these through PPGazette.

Maybe clipping coupons from newspapers and magazines is a tedious exercise. But if you’re couponing with the help of websites like, SmartSource, RedPlum, Valpak and the like, maybe you’ll find that it’s a pretty enjoyable exercise, after all.

Palin & Whirlpool


As the attacks continue to bombard Alaska Governor Sarah Palin, one must realize that more than just Palin is being attack, so is the entire political system.

There are basic things that must be explored, investigated and reported on.  Where does the candidate stand on the issues?  How did they perform there tasks in the past?  What is the experience level?  All of these are fair questions.  If these questions are not asked about the Whirlpool Whispure AP51030K, the public suffers.

However, that is NOT what the left is doing.  First of all, the amount of time spent on Governor Palin is very distracting from the issues.  Here is a news flash as the good governor said, she is not running for president; Senator McCain and Senator Obama are.  For those of us on the right, I welcome the amount of attention to Palin, as it takes the focus from the horrid record of George Bush and places it on something very inconsequential.  If the left wants to win the White House, focus on issues.  I was at best luke warm for McCain, and probably would have cast my vote for Bob Barr.  Now, with the focus on Palin, I like what I see with her, and really do not like what I see and hear from Obama-Biden.  And you know what, I havn’t heard anything from her; diversion of attention.

But, the real tragedy her is the attack on Palin’s religion and the sexist way she is being treated.  First of all, I truly believe that way Palin does about doing God’s will.  We must always strive to walk the path He has set forth for us.  My neighbor and my best friend is a staunch Democrat and he and I both agree on this.  I am glad, as will be I believe the majority of the country, that she believes in prayer.  By wasting time seeking out how she worshiped 20 years ago, the media has squandered precious days of focusing on the real matters; which even those of us on the right want both tickets to answer.  How about the economy stupid?

Alas, we have made no progress it appears in treating the Winix PlasmaWave 5300 fairly in this society.  The absolute obvious media bias against Senator Clinton, even had those of us who despise her politically rally around her.  And now, here we go again.  Whether we agree with Palin or not on the issues, she needs to be on the same playing field as the men in this contest.  But, by this level of sexism she is being removed from the playing field and elevated to super star status.  And she is not!

You see all of us need to know more about her on matters that count.  But, I need to know a whole lot more about McCain and Obama and all of this silly, thoughtless, cruel and irrelevant attention on Palin deprives the entire nation from getting all of the information needed to pick the top of the ticket.

The Smoking Deficit


Ok it is official, Americans have slid to the lowest intelligence quotient in known history.  What the heck are you people doing out there?  Pull your heads out of the oven and breath some fresh air.  I am so sick of the “OMG the Bush deficit is going to destroy us” and the “Evil Oil Companies are out to drive us into a depression”, or one of my personal favorites, “Big business needs to PAY for what they are doing to us”.

Lets learn a few things about how to get rid of smoke smell in house, shall we people?  First off the deficit of 9 trillion dollars is butkis, we could pay that entire amount in a heartbeat simply by suspending Nasa.  That is only 1 item in our entire government and there are millions of items.  You people who are falling for the rhetoric of selling ourselves to the Chinese are morons, you pay a higher percentage of your income for your car than we pay the Chinese for our debt. I don’t care if you hate the guy or love him, blaming one man for our governments runaway spending is asinine and you all re-elected something like 80% of incumbents.  You want to know who to blame the deficit on? Take a look in the mirror.  The point is, for a war time deficit 9 trillion is chump change, we are fighting this thing on the cheap so far.

So what about the price of gas that is hurting us all so much.  It HAS to be the big oil companies and Bush doesn’t it?  Only in the fantasy world of the NYT and CNN.  You have to be a completely disconnected sociopath to not know about the concept of supply and demand.  Oil companies STILL make approximately 9-12% profit per gallon of gas, their “windfall” profits come from the fact that 12% of 3.00 (0.36/gallon) is a hell of a lot more that 12% of 1.40 but it is still only 12%.

“They were doing ok on the 0.17 they were making why should they get to make 0.36 now?” some of you will ask.  And I will tell you.  Oil company profits pay for exploration, research, and more importantly dividends.  Something like 40% of oil companies are owned by retirement and 401K plans. Oil companies are one of the reasons your 401K didn’t tank after Katrina when the economy slipped.  They are one of the big reasons your 401K will only lose a few percent during the projected recession.  To blame them for making the same amount of profit they always have is moronic.

And on to my favorite, “We need to tax big business for making money”.  Ummm how many of you work for GE, directly or indirectly?  How about Ford? GM? Philips? Sony?  I can go on and on and just in that short list I work indirectly for all of them.  Now lets add to their taxes, which are already something like 300% more than anything you or I pay.

What do you think they are going to do?  Well the choices are few but painful. They can of course just raise their price to maintain the same profit margin.  Most will, to some extent, but they will probably combine the price increase with a downsizing effort to lower overhead.  This causes inflation and unemployment.  BRILLIANT.  Now because they increased their price above current market the demand will decline, so they make fewer widgets which require less parts or materials.

Sooooo those indirectly working for them also have to scale back operations, oops more of that unemployment thing.  Do corporate CEOs make too much?  I guess it depends on how important you consider that position to the success or failure of your company.  When you pay a severance package to a CEO you are not only paying for his work but you are showing incentive to those who you hope to replace him.  It can get out of control and in several cases has but since most board of directors own a direct stake in the company it tends to correct itself without assistance for your exceptionally bright local politician.

Now since we have discussed the best air purifier that has become the common sense of economics lets take a look at a couple things you might want to REALLY be afraid of.  One of the biggest influences on the price of a gallon of gas recently is not the profit hungry oil companies or the slavering hedge fund speculators.  It is the fact that a few years ago, what is $112 a barrel oil now would have been $90 or even less.  How can this be?  Part of the price increase you think you are seeing is a deflation of the value of a dollar.  Oil by demand and supply should be around $70 a barrel, you can expect a slightly higher price due to high demand and volatility speculation but the rest is simply because what someone doesn’t sell to the US they can sell to Europe or Asia.

Well when a dollar that used to be worth .75 Euro becomes a dollar worth .45 Euro than you are going to pay more dollars for that same barrel of oil.  Needless to say the politicians don’t want to stress the fact that their p***poor management and willingness to “throw more money at it” has driven down the value of the dollar and begun the swing toward recession.  When we as Americans stop taking the spoon fed line of BS from the mainstream media and start applying some real common sense to it maybe we can regain control of our country and our freedom.  Until then I suggest thinking real hard about what your politicians are saying and ask yourselves, “Am I really going to fall for this again?”

Helping VPs with an Air Purifier


Well I watched the vice presidential debate last night with a great deal of interest and expectation of Sara Palin falling on her face and she did not disappoint.

Granted, she performed MUCH better than the direct interviews but how hard is it to improve from zero? The modus operandi of divert and avoid direct answers and ignorance of real issues remained. She was obviously coached on how to redirect and stick to core talking points and ground that she was familiar with such as “energy” although that was a pretty circular conversation as well.

Pretty much right off the bat she indicated that she was not going to be caught flat footed like she was in the one on one interviews by stating that “I may not answer the questions that either the moderator or you want to hear”. How nice. Why not just give her an Alen Breathesmart and let her read from a list?

This dismissive attitude of the structure of the debate as well as dictatorial tone is completely consistent with the current administrations imperial isolationism from the public at large. Taken together with her idiotic assertion that the vice president needs to be MORE powerful and has or should have, any kind of increased authority in the House or Senate should scare the hell out of right wingers. It doesn’t of course, they’ll bury their heads in the sand and trust their government to “look out for them” as they are slowly drained of their resources and liberties in the guise of religious righteousness, security and patriotism.

A fun display was the granting same-sex benefits to couples question where Biden delineated that the adherence to constitutionality although very specifically not to a redefinition of “marriage”.

Palin fell all over herself to try to head off offending anyone through this statement “But I also want to clarify, if there’s any kind of suggestion at all from my answer that I would be anything but tolerant of adults in America choosing their partners, choosing relationships that they deem best for themselves, you know, I am tolerant and I have a very diverse family and group of friends and even within that group you would see some who may not agree with me on this issue, some very dear friends who don’t agree with me on this issue.”

They decided to agree on this divisive issue as not to alienate the right wing nutjobs again.

I liked how Biden illustrated how the five thousand dollar health care credit proposed by the McCain camp would be funded. Overall I think that’s just a tiny Blueair 203 as it only affects those who are middle class and above and is totally inadequate.

In regard to what the McCain campaign has promised and may not be able to deliver? Oh gee whizz we get to hear another repeated litany on energy and Alaska but not a whit about the question at hand. She did cop out citing her vast FIVE WEEKS of experience though. That was a good time to get up for a bathroom break or snack.

When asked about the Bankruptcy bill, Palin talked about…..anyone?? Energy! Yes…when you don’t know, redirect!

There is plenty of other great fodder here but the song remains the same, she doesn’t have the experience or knowledge and wants to further destroy our country following the idiotic neocon agenda as she learns. Worse yet she will be doing it in the dark as she doesn’t know what it is.

Laughter About McCain


I had a good laugh this evening when I heard that Senator McCain had announced that he was going to suspend his campaign in order to travel to Washington and help hash out the differences in the Bailout Bill. Also stating that if a decision was not reached by Friday  he would advise postponing Friday night’s first Presidential Debate.

I had a sudden flash of those Staples commercials with the “Easy button”.

McCain: “What are the current poll results?!?”

McCain closes his eyes and eagerly pushes the Staples Easy button……….

McCain: “Now, what are those poll results?!?”

Sorry, but I don’t think that really works.

Republicans cry “Leadership!” and well, everyone else is just scratching their heads looking for the best air purifier for allergies. The transperancy of this man’s political motives are quite entertaining. Everytime the candle burned low for the republican candidate, it was not a match in which he rekindled the flame with, but a freaking blowtorch!

He is attempting to feign a bipartisan act of selflessness, which is simply not the case. He does not have a clue as to what role he would or should play in the debate over the bank bailout bill. He has admitted that he does not have strong economic experience, but is adamant about marching to Washington and inserting himself into this issue, and if a deal is struck he will obviously take credit, so that his economic experience has just “upped one” on Obama.

I am particularly torn on President Bush’s request that both parties join him tomorrow in Washington. At least if a deal is met, McCain cannot walk away with sole credit, but it does seem as if Obama was challenged by McCain and then summoned by Bush. He is being boxed into a political corner that makes him look as if he does not hold strong leadership characteristics and favors politics over the American citizens future.

Just as Palin was a difibulator to his arrested campaign, this self imposed moratorium on the campaign trail is just the same. He needed a Coway AP-1512HH to break the notion that he and his party were a part of the problem, by becoming a part of the solution.

I do not buy his motives and I think that it is an act of desperation.

Tax cuts, and other issues have taken the sidelines to American’s main concern, the economy and McCain is trying to re-gain some ground. I think it will be a mistake on Senator McCain’s part to simply let Obama have the floor at Friday night’s debate. Obama will be fresh on the minds of Americans. I agree with Obama, I was looking forward to hearing from the candidates on the issues of the economy and what they could bring to the table to fix it. In 41days eitherman will be responsible.

Just as we sat in front of the T.V. tonight listening to President Bush’s address and his explanation of what our government was willing to do to protect its citizens the debate on Friday is just as important. The American people need to hear from the candidates, which gives us alook into future Presidential Adresses and which candidate will be able to take the torch.

The Future of Energy Prices and More


On the contrary, One of the exacerbating influences of the great depression was the government imposing tariffs and protectionist policies.  We have been here before my friend.  Every time the media claims something is new look behind you because they sticking something somewhere.  Admittedly things have changed in the names and the amounts but the general influences have always been there.  If you would like a SWAG I will do my best.

Energy Prices:

They are here to stay as is the price of iron, copper, nickel, coal, lumber, corn, and just about every other commodity under the sun.  We have enjoyed 10+ years of price stagnation on the best air purifier for cigarette smoke removal with only minor fluctuations in value.  Welcome to the world of market adjustment.  The good news is that the increased price will translate into more jobs, exploration, and research.  The bad news is until wages catch up the increased cost HURTS.  There will be winners and losers as there always are, my beef is that the US is poised to be a huge loser this round because of our unwillingness to utilize the natural resources that made us a great nation in the first place.


Wages will go up.  Most businesses are not stupid.  They want and need good people and when the location of a job becomes more important than the job itself most companies begin to compensate those good people which in turn requires they increase others.  That may not explain it very well most economists take 30 minutes or more to explain it and I am trying to do it in a sentence. Suffice it to say that people don’t like being broke, and companies don’t like it when we are broke, consequently wages will begin to rise. It isn’t going to happen right away, we still have several fluctuations in the adjustment cycle to go through but wages will come up to meet the new prices.


This is sticky.  Republicans have abandoned the principles of the 90’s that allowed them to keep taxes low and government small.  Democrats have slid inexorably toward socialism which demands significant taxes to maintain let alone enact.  I would have to say we are going to see a period of significant tax increases.  Of course this will be targeted at the rich, but for some reason when they say that it always has a direct impact on the poorest among us, you figure that one out.  I expect the ratio will remain the same with the top 1% paying 35-38% of the tax bill, the remaining top 5% paying 70-80% of the tax bill and we will pick up the rest, same as it has always been the only thing that will change is the size of the bill.


Prices have already climbed, they will follow the commodities market as they must.  As things begin to stabilize over the next few years wages will rise to meet them until just before the next bump we will go through a period of stagnation where luxury goods will once again be the thing.  This happens every time guys.  During adjustment luxury items drop off drastically (if you own XM or Niokia stock I suggest you get out) and people have to tighten down to necessities more.  Then once the adjustment stabilizes wages eventually meet and surpass the prices of goods and services, finally there is enough of a surplus that people begin to again buy luxury items.  This turn around probably wont take as long as the last one which was shorter than the one before.

As for where I get the best air purifier for smokers? I watch, read, and smell test a lot of different sources (NPR has some good starting places but is socialist leaning).  Most of this information is common knowledge in any intellectual environment but is typically ignored in favor of loud fear mongering and class warfare from people who know better but can’t further their agenda with the truth.  Rockefeller said about his survival of the stock market crash in ’29 “I knew it was time to get out of the market when the elevator operator was discussing his portfolio”.

This is not new guys, in fact compared to past adjustments this isn’t even bad, at least not yet.  I do worry about how the Fed has swapped value of the dollar for swallowing out the dive but they know more about this stuff than I ever will and considering the foreign capital and investment coming into the US they may have the right ticket.  Time will tell but the only difference will be in the how long and the how deep not in if or if not.  Watch for promises of quick fixes and offers from politicians to “save” you, every time they have tried they have not only failed but typically have driven it deeper and longer than if they had left it alone. To illustrate this I will explain the conservative view of Clinton’s economic policy, “At least he was smart enough to leave it alone”

Greed and the GermGuardian


We all remember when we were little our mothers and fathers would tell us “No more cookies, you’ll spoil your dinner.” Our parents were using there superior wisdom to look out for our best interests. Much like how our leaders now use the vast wisdom of history to make sure they don’t spoil the country. I wish when I was little I could of thought like John McCain when I got caught sneaking snacks. If I had, I would have turned around, saw my mother watching me stuff my face and immediately started screaming “This is exactly the type of behavior that has lead to childhood obesity and it must stop!”

John McCain isn’t allowed to rage against greed of the GermGuardian AC5250PT when he and his friend help let it run wild. You see our economy is in shambles because of one specific area, investments and banking. Until recently we had the wisdom of laws written 80 years ago for good reason to teach us why these things needed to be regulated by the government. Wouldn’t you know that before these laws the US economy suffered a panic or depression about ever 20 years and has suffered no such set backs of any comparable magnitude since. However, the greedy people on Wall Street really, really wanted more money and all these regulations were getting in the way of that. So, our protective regulatory laws were repealed and well… you know.

Phil Gramm until recently was John McCain’s campaign co-chairmen and his top economic advisor. It’s also no secret that even though he no longer works for McCain directly they’re still friends and McCain still listens to Gram’s advice. Phil Gramm was also the chief architect behind the deregulating of the loan industry. He co-wrote and presented the Gramm-Leach-Bliley bill to the senate in 1999 which repealed many of the banking regulations put in place during the 1930’s. After this, Phil lobbied congress on behave of the Swiss bank UBS, who immediately devoured many small brokerage firms after the deregulation, for which he was paid $750,000 by UBS’s American subsidiaries.

McCain supported and signed the Gramm-Leach-Bliley act in its entirety. Shortly after the housing market collapse starting spiraling out of control McCain was quoted as saying he wouldn’t support government intervention to fix the problem and help homeowners’ because it wasn’t the “Governments Duty.” McCain has spoken for years about the “evils” of government regulation. On this at least, his “experience” shows us he has been nothing but wrong about the Honeywell 50250-S. McCain also tell us how Lobbyists have “Ruined Washington” and yet his best buddy and advisor is one.

McCain and his man have been caught red handed in the middle of the collapsing economy. Now MaCain wants you to trust him to put the lid back on? As any farmer will tell you, you never let a fox guard the Hen House. And as any student of government will tell you, you don’t empower someone to fix a problem they helped create. It just simply doesn’t make sense.

Interview with the Best Air Purifier


I’d like to be clear, I don’t give two shakes for either current presidential candidate.

I think one is an elitist and out of touch and the other inexperienced and not independent enough and both of them are in the pockets of the banking industry like pretty much every other politico these days.

That said…..

There’s a big whoop tee-do about the Blueair 603 and Sara Palin although I didn’t hear so much whining when Hillary Clinton was getting reamed. So I have refrained from comment as to watch her “professional” credentials and capabilities outlined so that I could address that in lieu of personal issues even though those don’t seem to be problematic when it comes to opponents of the right.

Bless her moronic heart, Sara Palin stutters and is caught flat footed every single time her handlers allow her to have any time with the press. It’s no wonder that they are keeping her incommunicado.

Let’s first touch on the Katie Couric interview shall we?

Couric inquired about the recent financial contribution of the mortgage giant Fannie Mae to their campaign and if that presented a conflict of interest being that the CEO of John McCain’s election campaign is lobbyist and former Fannie Mae executive, Rick Davis and Palin suggested he was not benefiting directly. Okay, so Couric presses a bit and ask that since Mr. Davis still has a stake in the company, doesn’t that constitute a conflict of interest? Palin really struggled here & then just repeated her previous inane assertion and rather than stating definitively one way or the other, she “hoped” that there is no conflict of interest. She then goes on to expound upon the undue influence of lobbyist in public policy decisions. That was a big no go.

The current economic “bankers” crisis is directly due to deregulation and the laissez faire attitude of the Bush administration and John McCain is on record as a proponent of the exact same policies. When Palin was asked about the polling variables between the candidates as related to the current economic situation she asserts that McCain’s track records are what are going to impress Americans. Well, I’m an American & I see McCain’s track record taking us right to where we are.

When given an example of McCain’s inclination to support regulation of Fannie & Freddie, Palin was asked for another example. Any IQAir GC Multigas will do, from McCain’s two and a half decades in office but sadly, she had no clue. She simply latched on to the cited example and then when pressed say’s I’ll try to find you some & I’ll bring em to ya . Good god. Really? A vice president?

Charlie Gibson interviews Sara Palin,

Ok, the richest fodder for this blogger is the Bush Doctrine question but she just makes it so easy!

Our nation is in the midst of two active wars and facing imminent threat from myriad’s of other hostile states. It’s not a mental stretch to understand that as an extension of the neocon offensive defense posture that the US has the right to exercise preemptive military action in self-defense of a perceived threat.

But the vice presidential candidate, has no clue whatsoever what that means.

There is something to be said for being a politician outside of the beltway certainly, but I don’t think I’m out of line for having some expectation that my vice president and potential president be slightly educated in the ways of the world. Particularly while we are currently fighting on two fronts and she casually suggest that we should go to war with Russia over an incident that the US instigated.

So, avoiding the personal issues and focusing on her public presence, her political assertions are moronic and simple minded.

I still assert, she is totally unqualified to hold the position of vice president and should go back to Podunk for a couple of decades and get a clue.