Best Practices for Exercising at Your Computer

Are you engaged in a desk job? Then you must be aware of the fact that those who are very committed to their work, and spend hours and hours in front of computer, they tend to gain weight very quickly. That is a disadvantage of being a dedicated employee! Not only are you coping with the stress and burden of work, but are also forced to face the consequences of inactivity, showing up in the form of increased waist size.

You can’t afford to spend time in gym from 9 to 5, and once you have gone through a stressful job of 15 hours or more – especially if you’re trying to learn to weld on top of it – you won’t even want to think about driving to gym and get some extra fatigue. Most of you wouldn’t be aware that staying inactive for four hours can have serious repercussions on your metabolic rate. Even a walk for half an hour or exhaustive exercise for an hour can’t be enough to get rid of repercussions caused by inactivity of the remaining long day. Then what is the solution? How can you improve your metabolic rate from 9 to 5 when you are engaged in your job?

The answer to this question is that you need to exercise while sitting at your computer. Exert yourself physically to avoid gaining pounds. I am going to tell you some very easy ways by which you can ensure that your metabolism rate doesn’t drop to dangerous level while you sit in front of computer. Doing exercise while sitting at your computer would not take much of your time, and after all, spending a few minutes to avoid metabolic problems of life time if not a bad deal at all.

How to Exercise While Sitting at Your Computer?

You would be alarmed to know the fact that sitting inactively at your desk for 23 hours a week increases the risk of cardiac disorders as compared to those spending 11 hours a week in front of computer. Avoid this risk by adopting following simple exercise while sitting at your computer

Stretch Your Body:

  1. Rotate your neck to allow its every muscle to stretch
  2. Put your hands in front of you, make a grip and stretch
  3. Continue doing this step but this time by putting both hands behind your back.
  4. Rotate the shoulders forward and backward
  5. Make a fist and then rotate both your wrists.
  6. Rotate your ankles now, first clock wise, and then anti clockwise.

Are you feeling virtuous? Then move on to next exercise;

Chair Squats

It is time to pull your back.

  1. Stand in front of the computer with your chair pushed away as much as a feet.
  2. Your feet should be apart, in alignment with your shoulders.
  3. Now put your hands parallel to floor,
  4. Take a deep breath in this position and suck your stomach inwards,
  5. Rise slowly on your heels while breathing
  6. Squat towards the chair while bending your knees a bit
  7. Stop when you are about to sit on the chair
  8. Keep holding for 10 seconds and allow your hamstrings to contract.
  9. Now stand back while exhaling your breath.

You should repeat it in the form of at least 2 sets of 12 reps.

Standing Crunches

  1. Again go back to standing position with feet in alignment to shoulders.
  2. Take deep breath with your back completely straight
  3. Let your shoulders relax a bit while you bend a bit forward
  4. Contract the muscles of abdomen while completely exhaling
  5. Repeat it rapidly and intensely and you would be pleased to have flat abs soon.

Repeat it in 3 sets with 15 reps.

Tip: the above mentioned standing crunches can be made even more effective if you hold two water bottles in your hands and then putting your hands on your sides, hold the bottles parallel to the ground why studying to learn how to MIG weld. Whenever inhaling, bring your hands in front of your body and every time you inhale, take them back to the previous position. If possible, add another extra set.

Desk Push Ups

  1. While placing your hands on desk’s edge, drag your feet away from the desk to come in a position that you lean on the edge without falling on floor.
  2. With bent elbows, come in a slanting position with your chin in alignment to the edge of the desk.
  3. Push up your body by straightening your elbows and exhaling your breath.
  4. Then come down again towards the desk while inhaling.
  5. Repeat this process without letting your knees or back to bend.

Repeat in 3 sets of 12 reps.

Bonus Tips for Keeping Metabolism Rate Up

In addition to exercise while sitting at your computer, following tips can help you avoid fats;

  • Walk for 10 minutes after lunch and an evening snack.
  • Drink at least two bottles of water from 9 to 5
  • Every two hours, eat some snacks which are low in fat, like buts and fruits.
  • Don’t send mails and memos to the colleagues; rather prefer to walk to them.
  • Prefer stairs on lift
  • Either take a light meal or three small meals
  • Chat with a colleague on the next floor
  • Fetch water from water cooler
  • If possible, try some yoga postures at your desk.
  • Caution: do not exercise till 30 minutes after taking a meal.

By doing exercise while sitting at your computer, you would be able to keep your metabolism rate up and hence avoid any disorders due to extended inactivity. It would prevent you from becoming lethargic and in the long run you would be able to stay away from obesity, diabetes, cardiac disorders and other malfunctions. If possible, also do gym for some time, but keep on doing these desk exercises alongside.

Easy Ways to Digest Your Food

Eating foods that are easy to digest is very good for your health and should be contained in your daily meals, but easy to digest foods should be your only choice if you suffer from stomach problems. Medical conditions like diarrhea, vomiting, indigestion or gastroenteritis, require special consideration in choosing your food. In such cases, eating easy to digest foods can help you get back fast to your normal health.

This is because, easy to digest foods provide your body with the necessary nutrients without causing more upset and discomfort, and in the same time shorten the recovery time from these conditions. Also the normal aging process could result in decrease in food digestion efficacy, as well as could the use of a Honeywell SilentComfort air purifier.

Easy to Digest Foods

Easy to digest foods are those that are low in fat and fiber. There are lots of choices of these foods which are not only easy to digest, but also nutritious. Below is a list of foods that are easy to digest which should be an integral part in your healthy diet.


Rice has many health benefits and is useful for your digestive health. Because of the contents of rice that help the digestive system to function efficiently, doctors often recommend more rice in your diet.


When it comes to easy digestion, toasted bread is a better choice than fresh bread. This is because, the body takes less time to digest toasted bread than fresh bread.

Leafy Vegetables

Green leafy vegetables, especially cooked one, are easy to digest. Cabbages as an example of green leafy vegetables, are nutritious as they are rich in minerals and vitamins. Also leafy green veggies, unlike high fat foods, do not cause slowing down the digestion process as they have plenty of fiber that makes them easily digestible and healthy food. This is why these veggies are main part in many weight loss plans.


Skinless chicken, boiled or broiled, is one of the most healthy and easily digestible foods, as it is very low in saturated fat. Make sure that the chicken is cooked properly and avoid fried chicken if you have gastric problems or have a sensitive stomach.


Ripe bananas are considered one of the most popular fruits, and this is because of its positive effect on digestive health. Ripe bananas contain certain enzymes that play an important role in accelerating the digestion process. So bananas are very useful for babies and children with stomach problems, and also recommended after stomach flu.


One of the most easy to digest fruits. They contain plenty of beta-carotene which converted to vitamin A that is essential for the lining of the gastro-intestinal tract. If you read a few inversion table reviews, you’ll quickly notice they recommend eating avocados before starting your inversion therapy treatment.


Gelatin is very good for healthy digestion, as it is easily digested and in the same time, soothe the digestive tract.


Only live culture yogurt is helpful in digestion.

Plain Crackers

Easy to digest with good taste.

Finally, if you have stomach problems, you have to avoid foods that hinder the process of digestion, instead, go for foods that accelerate digestion. Easy to digest foods listed above are examples of foods you have to go for.

Natural Remedies for Migraines

A lot of natural remedies are gaining ground today for the treatment of headache and migraine in place of the traditional prescription drugs. In this article, I would try to give you an acquaintance with some of the popular alternative medicines for such treatment and would also guide you as to which foods you should avoid to cure the headache.

Before we discuss the remedies, it would be helpful to first point out the underlying causes of headache. Headache can be caused by a number of reasons. Some usual causes include

  • Stress
  • Overeating
  • Unsuitable posture
  • Problems with eyesight
  • Problems with teeth

If you do not learn to control stress, you would eventually fall a prey to headache or even migraine. A fatal mistake committed by many people is to rely on alcohol when they are stressed, rather than the improved air quality and soothing sounds of the Honeywell 50250-S. This way, you further aggravate the problem.

Do not consume alcohol in the first place. But if you have done so and are caught in a hangover, try to consume as much water as possible to eliminate dehydration. Vitamin C rich foods would also help.

Besides reducing stress and trying to lead a peaceful life, following treatments can also prove helpful in curing headache or migraine:

  • Natural Treatments for Headache and Migraine
  • Osteopathy or osteopathic medicine
  • The Alexander Technique
  • Acupuncture
  • Yoga
  • Homeopathy
  • Tai Chi

In addition, you need to stay away strictly from some items which can worsen the problem. A list of items to be avoided includes:

  • Chocolate
  • Alcohol
  • Cheese
  • Citrus fruits like oranges and grapefruits


Headaches alone can be really frustrated, but they take the form of migraine, they become really unbearable and extremely painful. I am sure that you do not want to endure that stabbing pain now and then. I didn’t want that too. After being disappointed by the standard prescription medicine, I had no way other than to look for some alternative medicine.

Migraine can be caused due to several reasons, like exposure to bright light, loud sounds, or unsuitable foods, or simply not using your Honeywell 17000 s air purifier enough. However, the leading cause of migraine in most people remains to be stress and anxiety, as was the case with me too. I had decided to defeat the pain and bring a positive change in my life.

Some of the alternative methods with I used after research were really helpful and I would like to share them with others suffering from this disorder. You may benefit from these alternative ways to cure migraine. As they helped me, they could also prove helpful for many others. The methods which used were:

  • Tai Chi
  • Yoga
  • Meditation
  • Herbal Remedies

Though I still have occasional spells of headaches but it has been more than nine months since I suffered from stabbing pain of migraine. So I am leading a much peaceful and healthier life now and hope the same for you.

And I feel confident, if you follow the steps and tips I’ve outlined here in this article, that you will also be able to find relief from the painful and frustrating migraine headaches that plagued me for so long.

Crazy Days with My Cystic Acne


Unbelieveable… Since about ten AM yesterday morning when my girlfriend and I stopped by here for a few minutes during our as usual busy weekends, there have been a total of fifty five comment spam attempts to clog up my comments section. All of the usual crap you know, natural remedies for cystic acne, cats and so on. Save the internet – eat a spammer today.

Anyway, what a great weekend weatherwise. We had a major roof repair done to my gal’s home yesterday – nice to know her home won’t be leaking anymore! And a nice cook-out on the grille to top things off, complete with beer and brats. Mmmm brats! I love brats, but my guts don’t really dig the high fat of the brat eh? Eat the brat… Forget about the fat already!

Today I’m lined up to ride into work (to Troy, Michigan) to drive back one of the bosses expensive old cars. I want to drive this nice red Boat Tail car – but I’m NOT looking forward to doing this with no top on the car. And, it’s about fourty five degrees out there right now. No biggy under normal circumstances. Time to dress really warm for a fourty five minute ride home in the cold Michigan fall weather. Brrrrrrrrrrr

I’m staying here tonight and letting my lady do the treatment for cystic acne of her son to his college classes. Her daughter is also staying with her tonight too. Mondays are my night to stay here and hopefully watch my favorite program on the Sci Fi channel… Unless it’s been replaced again with some dippy old movie. Or that damned Battlestar Galactica. Bleh! What a goofy ass program.

My gal just called… I forgot to bring with me a vest that my daughter wanted to see this afternoon… It’s like a sixties hippy leather vest, complete with those stringy pieces of leather hanging down. We got this vest during our recent trip to the north country. I have no bloody memory! Fourty five years old… Am I an Alzheimer patient in the making! OMG nooo!!

Well people, I need to get shaved up and stuff… Time to go do the dirty. I actually may not work today though because I am picking up daughter from high school at 2:40 this afternoon, then picking up son and heading out to an early dinner with them. I need to spend more time with these kids… But we are all really busy these days. See y’all later today. I’m outta here….

12:45 pm Update: 1936 Auburn Boat Tail

Good afternoon people… I got some cutting and leaf mulching done after picking up this beauty of a car and driving it back from Troy and learning what causes cystic acne this morning. A ccccold ride it was! I didn’t bother putting up the top because I had a cap on, and four layers of clothing plus gloves. It really wasn’t bad at all. This car runs great and nobody challenged me on the way home! This car is fast too…..

The body is actually a reproduction body, it’s all fibreglass. The engine is a Generous Motors 350 CID and most everything under the hood is polished or chromed. Too bad it isn’t my car! I was thinking about asking the boss if I can pick up my gal in this car next summer and go for a ride… Gooooood luck sucker! Well, ya never know until you try so the story goes……

Long and lean isn’t it?

The seating is close but comfortable…

The gauges are are well placed and easy to read while underway. The car handles very well around sharp turns at high speeds, compliments of the performance suspension under this car, but be ready for one choppy ride though… This ain’t your daddy’s Caddy! The exhuast is well tuned, but if it were my car, I’d prefer that it were just a bit louder. Dream on, John!

Sleep Apnea and You – How to Live With It


The most common symptom of sleep apnea is a feeling of being tired. The symptoms of sleep apnea are severe and can last for months or even years. Additionally, the most common cause of sleep apnea is obstructive pulmonary diseases (OSA). This is a condition that is characterized by sudden, irregular pauses in breathing during sleep. The patient may have a difficult time sleeping, and may experience shortness of breath, especially if carrying a heavy load without a Kanken backpack. Sleep apnea is a chronic condition that can lead to a number of other medical problems.

If you are experiencing any of the symptoms of sleep apnea, you should seek medical help immediately. The doctor will be able to answer the question of what is going on in your body. The first step to cure your panic attacks is to get rid of the underlying cause. You can do this by taking a few minutes to relax and get yourself in the right place. Furthermore, you can start by finding a good meditation cd that will suit your situation. Try to find a quiet area where you can relax and focus on your breathing.

The most obvious symptom of a person who is suffering from OCD is a lack of sleep. The reason for this is that the person who sleeps with a nightmare will experience a sense of fear and anxiety. The person who is suffering from OCD is a powerful and highly sensitive individual. OCD is a mental condition that is caused by a chemical or psychological stimulus. It is a type of irritation that is caused by a chemical reaction in the body. The chemical is a substance that is responsible for the release of the neurotransmitter dopamine.

Important Point: The first step is to seek help from a licensed health care professional by looking up Respectable Reviews.


If you are suffering from a sleep disorder, you should seek the appropriate help from a licensed health care practitioner. At the same time, if you are in the midst of a chronic snoring problem, it is best to get a medical checkup. One of the first things you should do is to take a look at the various types of asthma.

The most effective treatment for insomnia is the use of a good quality natural sleeping pill. The human brain is a sensitive organ that needs to be properly trained to handle the stress. It is a natural reaction to the chemical that is needed to help the body to heal itself. A great thing to do is to take a moment to relax and get enough oxygen.


The person who is going to be awake during the night is often the most affected. The most important factor in determining the cause of the problem is the amount of sleep that the person needs. The body will be able to regulate the amount of calories that a child eats. Furthermore, the body will be in a constant state of hunger and the food that is consumed will be digested.

The most common cause of a person with sleep apnea is the inability to control their daily activities. It is a fact that the amount of sleep that you have is greatly affected by your lifestyle. If you are suffering from insomnia, you should try to reduce your consumption of alcohol and caffeine, as well as look for the best air purifier for smoke you can find.

The first step is the use of a heating pad. This is a popular form of therapy for people who are suffering from arthritis. It is used to help with arthritis, muscle spasms, and other injuries.

We hope you have discovered a great deal about heartburns and depression. In the beginning, we discussed how sleep apnea is a serious condition that can lead to other health issues. After that, we discussed how the most common cause of insomnia is excessive sweating, which is often associated with sleep deprivation. Third, if you are experiencing any of the symptoms of sleep apnea, you should consult your primary care physician.