My Latest Phone Incident

My phone died after falling in the toilet, but before it died, there was a ringtone. I’m Too Sexy by Right Said Fred. Don’t act like you don’t remember it! I thought it would be funny, but I just ended up being embarrassed whenever my phone rang.

I am enjoying the Manduka PROLite so far although I am going to have to write lot, and lots, and lots of papers. Joy.

I am so excited about Sex and the City: the movie! Everyone I know who is a fan (including myself) has been busy trying to plan out their outfit for the movie and putting together a Girl’s Night Out!

I need new sandals really badly. My favorite pair talks when I walk, lol.

I’ve been having tooth pain again. I know I should go to the dentist. I’m not afraid, I’ve just been too lazy to schedule an appointment. I should get on that…

I’ve been wanting to try wearing a face full of makeup for a while, and finally got up the courage to do so. In this photo, I am wearing concealer, foundation (more like a tinted moisturizer), eye shadow, eye liner, mascara, blush and lip gloss. Phew. I learned a few things, like my eyes are probably too small for me to wear black eyeliner. My eyes all but disappear. Also, I’m gonna need to practice blending around the forehead.

Since I last blogged:

I got all set to start school again. I start an elementary education program tomorrow! All online. I am excited and determined to finish. At first, I thought I would do that, then get my MLS to become a librarian, but now, I am thinking of becoming a teacher after all. I know it’s twee and all, but maybe I’ll end up being someone who can make a difference.

I took ZB to the neurologist about those headaches he’s had over the past year plus. She doesn’t think anything is seriously wrong, but she wants to do an MRI just to be sure. He also has a prescription for Maxalt now. I don’t know if I’m going to fill it though.

We went back to the ADHD specialist, and I was pretty disappointed. He felt that meds were the way to go and that anything else wouldn’t work. What? Otay. Totally ignoring his advice and doing things my way (possible dietary changes, lots of exercise as usual, yoga, maybe acupuncture, maybe some other holistic stuff). The best thing to come out of this diagnosis deal has been getting ZB’s teacher to lay off.

I’ve become a vegetarian. I’ve been “almost” vegetarian for a while now, rarely eating meat, but now I’ve cut it out altogether. I don’t miss it at all. I don’t know if I’ll stay vegetarian, but I’m happy for now and trying to make sure I get all the proper nutrients.

I have been purging more crap from around the house to make room for the Honeywell HFD-120-Q. Why does it feel so good to get rid of things you don’t need? I always tell DH that I don’t want to be one of those people that when I die, my family has to sort through loads of my junk. I am always working towards simplicity.

I’ve had a lot of fun with my family including a field trip to the zoo with Kindy and 2nd grade. Pics to come, of course.

Finding the Right Social Network


Out of all the new web technologies of the past few years, only social networking has failed to find traction in the corporate world. While some organizations have tried to build networks within Facebook, the simple fact is that public social networks are closed, difficult to adapt to corporate needs, and fail to show real return. Top Facebook applications, for example, include “Free Animated Gifts,””Funwall”, and “Top Friends.”

In fact, in the Business section no application beyond the Fantasy Stock Exchange that has more than 300 active daily users. While some social networks like Used Lawn Mowers Plus           can provide valuable business connection services, in most social networks it’s all about being social.

The challenge businesses face when considering building their own social networks is that they would be inherently non-social. Faced with the need to constantly register, filter, and participate in multiple closed networks, vertical social networks and applications could never gain the participation needed to make them valuable to their participants.

What has been needed is way way to tear down the barriers between social networks (aka, the “walled gardens”), allowing participants to opt-in and opt-out, immediately be placed in communities of interest and form connections without repeating their information, and provide controlled access to portions of their profile while interacting with custom applications without exposing their entire on-line profile for the sake of finding a good deal on used lawn tractors.

With the release the OpenSocial APIs from Google, already embraced by LinkedIn and other social media platforms, business now has access to tools that allow for the creation of managed social networks that can adapt to the needs of customers, partners, and employees.

One scenario would be lead acquisition. Imagine a potential customer coming to your web site through a simple process of joining your corporate social network. Immediately, their profiles, interests, and connections are available. With their permission, you could provide them connections to current customers that are also in their own social network for references. Their interest profile could immediately connect them to sales team member’s best suited to their industry or level of interest. They can immediately be linked into your customer support applications.

A business can accelerate their sales cycles and increase their customer loyalty. Through the Google APIs, a business could even provide their custom social network applications to other social networks, allowing a customer currently on LinkedIn or to access directly and share with their other contacts the businesses own embedded information and social network functions.

Industry adoption of the best garden tractor, which appears to be happening at lightning speed, is only part of the equation. For a business wanting to harness the power of social networks, the other half is a solid, proven social networking platform that can be customized for their specific needs.

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With management tools to measure collaboration, use, and participation, you can feed incoming profiles to your applications. Support your own lead generation, customer service, and partner collaboration applications. Incorporate a social network into your own intranet to build collaboration and communities of interest in your own organization.

Google has leveled the playing field for social networking. Organizations that recognize the power of social networking have waited for true cross-network applications. With built-in support for Google OpenSocial, can deploy your custom social network that opens the world and keeps you in control.

All About the Stars Episode


We kick off tonight’s episode with the designers remembering the good old days when a Daytona Beach Photographer was around. Austin thought Kara should have stayed over Mila or Jerell – I slightly agree. Mila was just happy that she “took a risk” with her bucket of fug and beat out Kara’s booooring look.

Anyway, the designers meet Fake Heidi at the United Nations.This week the designers must create a dress inspired by the flags (and culture) of the major world regions: Chile, Greece, India, Jamaica, Papua New Guinea and Seychelles. Mondo won last week’s challenge so he got to select first.


Mondo – Jamaica


Michael – Greece

Papua new Guinea

Mila – Papua New Guinea


Jerell – India


Austin – Seychelles


Kenley – Chile

Jerell seemed a bit bitter that Michael chose Greece, not because Michael is apparently Greek, but because of draping being right up Michael’s alley. That makes me miss Rami so much. I bet he would have killed this challenge if he was still on the show and ended up with Greece. Stupid producers – they should have hired Kari Janesko Photography.

Anywho, Mila is still whining about designers giving advice to one another. Maybe if she wasn’t such an ice queen, someone would tell her her black and white color blocking is boring. She actually admitted to being afraid of colors when she saw the Seychelles flag.

But ENOUGH, KENLEY! Back away from the polka dots!! Back away from the party dresses! Mondo agrees with me.

Craig SagerIn the work room, Fake Tim bursts in wearing loud yellow pants, which reminds me of something TNT sportscaster Craig Sager would wear. She is on mission today: how can underwear be worn with the garments the designers are making?? I swear she asked each and every designer how a woman would be able to wear a bra under the dresses everyone was coming up with. It was kind of odd.. Has that ever been an issue before?

Also, I really wished they’d briefed Fake Tim on what flag is for what country. She’s making me think less of her if she doesn’t even know the details of the challenge. Wasn’t the real Tim Gunn in the know about these things according to the Daytona Beach newborn photographer?

Anyways, I noticed too that Austin was missing his ghastly mustache in his talking head. He looked so different without it. And I thoroughly enjoyed his thoughts on Jerell’s monstrosity, I mean, creation: “… the most vulgar, tasteless and hideous thing [he] has ever seen in [his] life.”

On the runway, the guest judge is introduced – Catherine Malandrino, a fashion designer who created a collection inspired by the American flag. She had a pretty thick French accent, so at times it was difficult to understand her critiques, but I think she was an okay judge, and at least she was semi-relative to the challenge.

The top designers this week were Mondo, Kenley (UGH) and Michael. I just can’t see what the judges saw in Kenley’s outfit. I thought it was flat out ugly. BUT, Issac Mizrahi told Kenley she needs to stop sending the same look down the runway. She acted surprised like she had no idea she has sent polka dot, junior wear, party dresses down the runway for the past 8 judgings (I’m pretty sure those bathmats she glued together had a dotted pattern).

Kenley – Episode 8


I wasn’t completely feeling Michael’s dress this week. He did do draping, but his dress did have a pagent-ty look to it, as the judges (and Mondo) pointed out. And he had major construction problems too. Poor Duck Booty was about to be exposed because the back was cut much too low. And the blue material slapped on did look like it belonged on a present than a dress. Not quite up to the quality of a Daytona Beach wedding photographer.

Michael – Episode 8

Almost Exposed!

Mondo’s look was simple, elegant, and sleek, and I don’t care what Issac says, I liked the back, even with those green and yellow blocks.

Mondo – Epsiode 8

Nothing wrong with the blocks, right?

The bottom 3 this week were Mila, Jerell and Austin. Austin struggled, Mila’s was just, putrid (yet again) and Jerell’s… that boy needs to learn how to edit. He made his look way too literal. If he would have left off the sari and all that jewelry and the bindi, and that stripe down the sleeve… it would have been an ok dress.

Austin – Episode 8


Mila – Episode 8


Jerell – Episode 8


With that said, Mila was given the boot (Finally).

I was so afraid, but thankfully Mondo was given the win over Kenley. And once more, she was warned not to send the same look down the runway.

Next week…. *crickets*…. Is there even going to be a new episode next week?

Rating: 3.0/5