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5 tips on how to take dating profile pictures for men

5 tips on how to take dating profile pictures for men

In general, how men and women ‘read’ dating photos is different. Women tend to look more for clues about the other person and how they live their life. Men tend to look more at the person to see whether they are attracted to them.

It’s important to most people to check out whether the person looks like someone you could spend time with and if there is consistency throughout the photos.

Knowing this, you can really up your dating game by using online dating photos which appeal to the people you are hoping to attract on your dating app.

Do choose photography locations and backdrops that are visually interesting and reflect who you are, the places you like to go or what you like to do. Do not do selfies in bathrooms!

Do make the effort to wear outfits that you might wear on a date. Think of a dating photo as doing a similar job to your Linked In profile photo. Do not wear your TV lounging clothes, even if they represent what you most like to do.

Do smile. Moody shots and David Beckham style brooding shots work for some people but what works best is an attractive smile. Including a few non-smiling photos can work but make sure you are smiling with your teeth somewhere in your set of photos.

Do include a group shot with friends. Make sure you stand out in this group photo and that you’re not hidden at the back. You should use a photo where you are all smiling and look like you’re having a great time. Do not use a photo where you’ve photoshopped out your ex!

5 tips on how to take dating profile pictures for women

Do include both mid length and full length shots to show your body shape. It really doesn’t matter what shape you are as we’re all attracted to different things, but men will likely subconsciously notice the curve of your waist and hips, your outline, a hint of cleavage etc.

Do be brave and show off your body shape. Your outfits needn’t be clingy but they should show some shape. Continue reading 5 tips on how to take dating profile pictures for men