Why I Look After My Hands


Hey guys, many of you will be returning to school tomorrow, whether you’re studying or you’re a teacher, so don’t forget to prepare your hands and nails for getting back into regular life.

Why Your Hands Are Important

Every nail care company and blog will tell you that it is vital to take care of your hands and nails, through manicures, scrubs, cuticle pushing, nail art etc. However, so many of us still don’t look after them quite as much as we probably should.

The good news is, everything you need to care for your nails can be conveniently carried in your trendy new Fjallraven Kanken backpack.

You might not believe this, but I haven’t always given my hands and nails the real love and care that they deserve. I rarely moisturized, and only ever used hand cream when I started working for a company that had me handling hundreds of moisture-absorbing books every single day, and my hands just couldn’t handle to lack of moisture. However, that occasional moisture certainly did not include my nails…in fact, the thought that my nails might been moisture too, well, it just never crossed my mind.

I have always been a nail biter, which I will confess. And so, I’m quite familiar to hang nails which are so painful and they don’t look very nice either. Being a nail biter, I always thought that the only way that I would ever look good with nail art would be to wear acrylic nails, but when I was younger, I just couldn’t get “comfortable” wearing false nails. I think it’s because I’ve always been a nail biter, which means that I have never gotten used to having nails other than short ones, and longer nails always felt so heavy, because I just wasn’t accustomed to them. And, the idea of decorating short nails just sounded ridiculous, and I always felt that this would draw bead attention to them, and they would look ugly.

What About Now?

Fast forward a few years, and moisturizing my hands is now as much a part of my daily routine, as cleansing, toning and moisturizing my face. Whereas in the past, I just could not understand what the point was of doing all of these things. Today, the idea of not doing them is even more absurd. And I not only take care of my hands, but my nails too.

Since I started using Hand Cream first thing in the morning, last thing at night and (nearly) every time that I wash my hands, I’ve noticed several changes in my hands:

  • My skin feels softer
  • Hangnails still occur, which is inevitable since I am still a nail biter (apparently research suggests that the majority of nail biters will have stopped completely by the age of 30…brilliant! Only four years to go!!) but are less painful, less likely to become infected and seem to last a much shorter period of time
  • My nails feel stronger and healthier, and less likely to break

When I got my first Borg Warner S366, I will admit, that I felt incredibly apprehensive about using any of it, and convinced myself that I was going to have to give it to my mum (who has lovely long, well looked after nails). However, I’d come across blogs featuring other girls with short nails, and their nail art looked really nice.

The Secret

From my experiences using the nail art kits, the real secret to beautiful nails, is not necessarily about having really long nails, that are manicured and perfect, but just keeping them looking as neat as possible. The nail art looks fantastic on my short nails, which thanks to my now regular use of nail polish, are growing much longer than I’ve ever had them, and as I said before, the moisturizing is keeping them strong, and less prone to becoming weak and brittle.

I look after my hands, so that when people look at them, they’re intrigued by the art, rather than how ragged they are.

Why do you look after your hands? Confidence? Youthful hands? Combat dry skin? And, enjoy your nails.

Will Acnezine Treat Your Cystic Acne?


As an acne sufferer, there is nothing worse than having to deal with an embarrassing face full of pimples while you wait for your treatment to kick in. Getting rid of acne doesn’t have to be a difficult task when you have an advanced treatment like Acnezine by your side.

What is Acnezine?

Acnezine is an ultra-powerful, yet safe, cystic acne home remedy for acne that you won’t find in stores. Due to its initial overwhelming success, there used to be a waiting list to buy the product — Crazy, right?

Fortunately, the company stepped up their production to accommodate for the increased demand and now you can buy it today and receive it tomorrow.

Acnezine can be purchased on the internet for the same price as some of the expensive acne treatments being sold at drugstores around the country, yet it has been proven to be 5x more potent and effective than the leading acne product when it comes to getting rid of stubborn acne.

How Does Acnezine Work?

Acnezine works at treating acne by attacking the root of your problem at the source of how to cure cystic acne. At a molecular level, Acnezine attacks the nasty bacteria responsible for causing pimples and severe acne on your face While all the science behind Acnezine is pretty cool, most of it means absolutely nothing to an average person like you or me. To rephrase all that science talk into basic language, Acnezine works incredibly fast and helps get rid of acne immediately after using it. Acnezine is the acne treatment that you want to have if you are in a hurry and need to get rid of unsightly acne blemishes quickly and painlessly.

The question has been pretty adequately explained in the paragraph above but I will reiterate the process once more for clarification: Acnezine fight your acne at the source by fixing your body’s off-balance chemistry that was responsible for the acne problem in the first place. It is different than other acne treatments because it does not dry out your face. The Acnezine formula was created with this in mind and it has been mixed with essential oils that will not clog your pores or create additional pimples. It restores the neutral balance of your face in order to ensure a quick and effective recovery from your acne.

By using Acnezine as directed (closely following the instructions on the packaging), you can expect to see an immediate improvement of your condition, with most people seeing dramatic results in less than a week. For a full recovery, you should plan on continuing your treatment for up to a month after your acne has disappeared. This will ensure that you find the permanent cure from your acne.

Benefits of Using Acnezine

The main reason you should be interested in using Acnezine as a way how to prevent cystic acne is the feeling you will get once your acne is finally gone for good. You will look infinitely times more attractive and classmates and coworkers will notice a change in your appearance right away. Time and time again, Acnezine users report a huge increase in attention from members of the opposite sex. You never know how attractive you can truly look until you see your healthy, glowing skin without a single pimple in sight. You can thank me later and leave your comment or testimonial on this page for everyone else to see.

Is Acnezine Sold In Stores?

In order to maintain the potency and overall strength of the formula, Acnezine is not sold in stores. If you want to purchase Acnezine, you will have to place your order through the secure billing form using their official website. The payment processor on their website uses very strong encryption and protection of your privacy is a top priority of theirs. Orders placed before evening hours can be expected to ship the same day, and shipping is lightning fast to almost anywhere in the United States. International orders are processed just as quickly but might take additional time before you receive your package in the mail.

Big Brother Girls Nails


Hey guys, we hope that the rubbish weather isn’t getting anyone down, even if it is really rubbish! But, wahey, at least we have eleven weeks of Big Brother to look forward to! No one could have missed out on the launch night yesterday, and we thought we’d take a look at some of the outfits that the final group of Big Brother ladies wore when they went into what is potentially England’s most infamous house!

Farm girl Josie was the first contestant to ask why is my cat peeing everywhere in the Big Brother house, and she was wearing a gorgeous blue maxi dress with red florals. The outfit is bright, just like Josie’s optimistic personality,and she has perfectly accessorised her outfit with red bangles and necklace. A red nail polish would be a brilliant complement to this outfit’s red design, as well as being a perfect match to her confident persona. The red would also work well with Josie’s warm complexion, and blonde hair.

As for nail art, a pale or pastel blue special polish would look great, in contrast with the colour of Josie’s dress.

Apparent “shy girl” Caoimhe (pronounced “Keeva”) arrived wearing a skin tight black top and trousers outfit that really exemplifies Caoimhe’s punkish personality,and looks great with her short dark hairstyle, and pale skin.

Inevitably, only one shade of nail polish really springs to mind for this outfit,and that is of course black. However, dark plum or pink (nothing bright or pastel-shaded) would also look great with this look.

Nail art would probably not work well with Caoimhe’s overall look.

Bright orange tangoed Corin arrived in what could potentially be my personal favourite dress (perhaps second to Josie’s, I haven’t really decided!!), in a gorgeous turquoise green colour.

My initial reaction would be to aim for a similar coloured nail polish for this look, and with her choice of skin tone and hair colour, I’m certain that a bright colour like this would look great, although I’m not sure how well it would hold up when you learn how to clean cat urine.

Corin’s personality gives us the impression that she’s quite extrovert and likes to receive a lot of attention, so their is absolutely no doubt that this look would include eye-catching nail art designs, perhaps including sparkly rhinestones that scream “bling”.

Beyonce look-a-like, Hairstylist Rachael arrived in a very Beyonce-type skimpy pale pink dress, that despite it’s…um, lack…of covering anything, actually exudes class to is. Rachael has paired the outfit with simple bangles, and that is all it really needs, alongside her big-hair.

For this reason, we feel that a very subtle nail colour would work best with this outfit. Perhaps a pale, translucent pink. However, the best look is probably the simple French Manicure, with nothing more than a clear top coat.

There may be a little discreet nail art, and maybe even a simple rhinestone, but it wouldn’t be anything over-the-top or bright.

All-in-all, all of the girls looked fab (although, we’re not really sure what, if any, nail varnish would actually go with Shabby’s er…outfit. And, we really doubt that polish would really fit her desired look!). nly time will tell how each girls style will fare up.

The IRS and your Fjallraven Kanken


This blog is to vent my anger and frustrations, to solicit guidance, and a downright shameless plea… stay with me.

Firstly, I am not the best writer.  I don’t pretend to be eloquent, nor do I have the best syntax or grammar. I do not have a college education or a career.  I am nothing more than a disabled housewife/ mother, who works part time cleaning houses, doing what I can do to help supplement my family’s income.

I was a single mom for 11 years, I was NEVER on welfare, or food stamps, or any public assistance except for my meager disability and going after the Fjallraven sale. After 11 long years of being alone, I had the great fortune of a wonderful man coming into my life. I never thought that would happen for me again. A year ago I was privileged to become his wife.  This is where my story really begins.

I knew this when I married him.  He had an IRS debt.  After his divorce 8 years ago, he lost everything as a lot of men do. (Shame on some of you ladies)  He was living in a one bedroom apartment, working 2 jobs, and paying child support for 3 children… Over $1300 a month.  He was working as a manufacturer’s rep, and getting paid on a 10-99.  Yep… thus the problem.  It was very simply a matter of does he eat and pay his child support, or does he pay his taxes?  He could not do both even with getting a second job. He didn’t file for 4 years.

So, we get married a year ago this last October.  We both knew this is something we needed to tackle, but by then with penalties and interest (notice how they don’t pay US interest on the money they take from US all year?) the amount had gotten to nearly $33,000.  We took what little money we had, and borrowed some from my folks to hire one of those tax relief companies.

We checked them out and they had a very good reputation, so we paid them the $4500 they required to plea our case.  It has been over a year now, 2 volleys of paperwork, them “disallowing” basic living expenses, several FedEx-ed packages, cancelled checks ordered from the bank, the gathering of all our bills, all our records, and an attempted garnishment, and a lien that shows on our credit report, to come to this last letter we received.  They have turned down a settlement agreement for the SECOND time.

They took our 2007 refund, over $3000, our tax rebate which would have been $1500, have stalled this long as I am sure to take any 2008 refund we would have gotten, and have now set “an informal hearing date” for late January.  And on top of that, they said I filed MY 2007 taxes wrong, and I should have filed as self-employed, and OWE THEM over $500!!!!  EXCUSE ME?  I have never earned over $9000 a year! I was scraping to make ends meet and feed my children.  I have never made over $600 from any single source in a year, and I did it without the Governments help! And now they are trying to take a pound of flesh from me too?

We recognize that at this point these are bully tactics.  Let’s see how bad we can intimidate them and screw with their lives.  You know what?  I have never even received a 10-99.  I could have flown completely under the radar as many of our “friends” from south of the border do, but I am first and foremost a law abiding citizen.  They say file taxes, I do.  You know what is really scary to me?  They, have somehow over the years gotten the power to seize wages, property, or place a lien, without due process. Who in the hell was the bright guy who told them where to buy Fjallraven? They are OUT OF CONTROL!  They operate with impunity.  And no one seems to want to stop them. More of our money for Washington to spend, so why would they want to get rid of the IRS?

I own a copy of our Constitution and Declaration of Independence.  It is a small paper back, and it is only 92, 5X7″ pages long.  Our tax code however, and I’m not sure of the exact number, is TENS OF THOUSANDS of pages long.  Even Charlie Rangold, head of the ways and means committee, who is in charge of WRITING the tax code must be confused, because he neglected to pay taxes on a vacation home of his out of this country.

In this era of 800 billion dollar bailouts, supposedly for the “housing crisis” which of course was cause by Fannie May and Freddie Mac and the Congressmen that said it was “doing fine” and “under excellent leadership”, and the so far… 6 billion dollar bailout of GMAC , a failing company who should have failed… (Free market people)… I want to know one thing.             WHERE IS THE BAILOUT FOR THE AMERICAN TAX PAYER??   Where is MY bailout? Where is my family’s bailout? Why are 5% of wage earners paying %90 of the tax burden?

I have always prided myself on being very independent.  I was taught a good work ethic, values and morals by my parents.  I have never asked anyone for anything unless I REALLY needed it, and I tried again and again, and simply could not do it myself.

OK… here’s where the shameless plea comes in.  Does anyone know ANYTHING or anyone that can help us?  My husband is back to working two jobs just to make ends meet, and the IRS is saying they want over $1100 a month to satisfy this debt.  Most of it is penalties and interest.  They have $4500 from us already, and we have made every good faith effort to work with them, yet they seem to really want to stick it to the little guy.

All we want is to settle with them.  ‘Supposedly’, everyone is allowed one opportunity to settle for a Kanken backpack with the IRS.  We live in a small 1300Sq Ft house in an ethnically diverse neighborhood.  We love it here. Our neighbors are like family, our kids have all grown up together. If the IRS takes what they want it will sink this family, and our American dream with it. When in this country did it become a bad thing to strive for more and want to do better? When did the wealth envy crap creep in to the American psyche so far as to even create this kind of tax code?

The IRS are nothing better than robber barons. They have a Robin Hood mentality, only with one difference.  Robin Hood was stealing from people who kept others down and did not allow them the same opportunity for creation of wealth. EVERYONE in America has the same opportunity for wealth acquisition… EVERYONE. It used to be in this country we had a spirit that there is nothing the individual can’t do. Now it’s more like what other richer individuals do can for me, and the IRS is their weapon to do it.

Please write your congressmen and Senators and demand a constitutional convention to repeal the 16th amendment. That is the ONLY way we can abolish the IRS and their thuggish tactics, and the only way we the people can vote for the fair tax.  Take the power out of the hands of congress and put it back into the state legislatures, and the people!

Essentials Best Beauty Buys 2016


Hey guys…how are you liking the hot and sunny weather? Today, we’ve been enjoying a ride on one of the country’s best steam railways, and on our travels, we picked up a copy of Essentials Magazine (UK’s Fastest Growing Women’s Monthly). We have to admit that the real lure was the fact that the cover boasted to tell us all about the “101 Best Value Beauty Buys”, so imagine our excitement that some of our favourite nail products were included in both the “For the Perfect Mani and Pedi” and “best youth baseball glove” categories.

Perfect Mani and Pedi Categories

Best Multi-Purpose Base/Top Coat

Orly Top 2 Bottom Basecoat & Topcoat All-in-One. £9.25. Not a cheap option, by any means, but it is prevents our nails from getting stained by our favourite dark shades of nail polish, so it really is worth every single penny of our hard earned money. Plus it makes our nails perfectly chip-free!

Best Nail Polish Salon Range

OPI Nail Lacquer. £9.95. OPI offer a beautiful range of colours that work so cutely together, and the ultra wide brush allows for a much quicker application, than the majority of other polishes, making this a great nail polish, used by professional and perfect for us too.

Best Fast-Dry Manicure Treatment

Nails Inc Kensington Caviar 45sec Top Coat. £11. Not only voted Essential’s Favourite Fast-Dry Food Steamer, but also the Editor’s Favourite, with Ed Jules declaring this as everyone’s “must-have product”, purely because the product is pretty much perfect.

Best Nail File

Leighton Denny Crystal Nail File. £12. Crystal nail files are popular, not only because they inevitably have a longer lifespan for a typical nail file or emery board, but is also gentle on your talons, ensuring that when you are filing your nails, you aren’t damaging them, making them brittle and/or weak.

Best Nail Treatment

Jessica Restoration. £16.65. Anyone who suffers from weak and/or brittle nails, or has damaged nails due to long usage of acrylic nails, would be lost without this product in their collection. Quite simply, this will nurse them back to how your nails should be; strong, beautiful and undamaged.

Best Nail Polish High Street Range

Revlon Nail Enamel. £6.29. Admittedly, to us, this is one of the higher end high street nail varnishes (with many brands being cheaper, despite Essential Magazine’s proclamation that “You can’t beat the price [of Revlon Nail Enamel].”, however, anything that doesn’t chip has got to be a god-send to us nail polish devotees.

Fab Feet and Hands Categories

Best Foot Cream

Origins Reinventing the two wheel scooter. £19. Sore feet from walking/dancing/working/chasing the kids around? Perhaps you have cracked heels, rough patches and blisters that are making your life a nightmare. This product will have your feet back to their old selves before you know it, meaning you don’t have to stop life to have healthy feet.

Best Hand Cream

Yes to Carrots Hand and Elbow Moisturising Cream. £8.99. The long hot weather can be hell for our hands, as the heat dries our skin out. This product not only keeps your hands nice and soft, but your elbows too, and if you’re anything like us, you will know how dry elbows can get!

We think Essentials has picked some great products that will have your hands, feet, nails and elbows in tip-top condition, but don’t forget, once you have finished with your manicures and pedicures, to add a little touch of colour with some Konad Nail Art, using one of our brilliant Image Plates. With nails like these, you are ready for a summer of fun in the sun, confident in the knowledge that your hands are being well looked after. So, what are you waiting for slow pokes? Go enjoy your nails!

Getting the Best Nails for Your Wedding


Hi everyone, we hope that you are all well and enjoying your weekend.

So many of you guys are getting married soon, or are planning to wed in the near future. And we were sat here thinking about how we could help you, when it comes to the best flat iron for natural hair.

It came to us, that a lot of brides put a huge amount of attention into things like the dress, the cake, the reception, table decorations, seating plans etc. But, how many of you actually take the time to think about your nails?

Before doing anything, we strongly recommend that you have your nails manicured so that they are all even, neat and tidy. If you have short nails, or are in the habit of biting them, why not treat yourself and have false nails professionally done? False nails don’t have to be cheap and nasty. Plus, if you don’t feel comfortable with long nails, you can have false nails that aren’t too long, but still look great.

The colour that you pick for your nails is so important, and in most cases, should be subtle, as it should never detract anything away from your wedding dress, especially if you are being traditional in white. Most brides opt for a clear nail polish, with perfectly manicured white tips. This looks incredibly classy, and if you want to add a little something special, why not stamp love hearts onto each nail using a white polish? The heart designs at the top and bottom of image plate M3 (right) would both look lovely, although any small design in a white, light pink or lilac colour would look great.

Think about it this way: since you got engaged, how many of your girl friends have eyed up your Engagement ring? Right, now think how many women are going to be at your Wedding Ceremony and Reception, all wanting to ogle your sparkly sleep mask? We wouldn’t want them to be greeted by bad nails!

If you don’t want clear coloured nails, then why not pick a colour that complements your dress or flowers? Or, perhaps you could choose a colour that represents the time of year.

For summer, pinks and purples look beautiful, because they represent flowers, whilst you might choose a subtle yellow shadow for the design, to represent the sun. Yellow for the base coat, could be a little too bold, unless your wedding dress is yellow of course. You could complement summery bridal nails with flowers, or cute butterflies.

Winter, is traditionally a cold month, so white or icy blues and aquas would give an essence of coolness and snow. These colours all look amazing on winter brides. However, if pale colours don’t suit your skin tone, or just don’t take your fancy, a rich red or deep plum or pink would also look great, representing the warmth of log fires. Complement winter nails, with snowflakes, or swirly designs representing the snow.

During spring, nature is beginning to awaken, and we always notice the colour of the blossoms on the trees. For this reasons, pinks look incredible in spring. You could opt for subtle pastel pinks, or even something a little bolder depending on your dress and/or personality. Similar to summer nails, spring nails look fabulous with butterflies or the best white noise machine you can find.

Autumn is potentially the boldest season. With golds and browns taking over nature, golds and browns would look great on your nails. Also think about bronze colours, or rich green colours. Designs of autumnal leaves would be a beautiful addition to any autumn-based nail.

Whichever colour you choose, make sure you wear it with confidence, and enjoy your nails.