Bush and NCLB in Retrospect


You would think that educational government policies would resemble just that, some semblance of educational attainment, i.e. common sense. Well, that most certainly isn’t what the Bush Administration has done it. No Child Left Behind was the very first thing on the Administrations agenda when it entered office. It passed the Republican Heavy rubber stamp congress.

The concept of NCLB is to stop the passing on of students without their attainment of basic skill, in other words setting school standards. The Bill does this by providing incentives for improvement via appropriating school funds to schools who meet these standards. It hopes to identify schools who need improvement. Sounds great right?

Well here is where the lunacy comes in. Those schools that don’t meet standards, they are not only not given the monies appropriated to them but they are actually harmed by having monies taken away from them and allocated elsewhere. Moreover, standards for all schools rise ever year. States and thus schools have to raise their percentages of students meeting basic skills every year or else, that’s right they are penalized further.

To add insult to injury, no no no no to add a puke to the face NCLB is unfunded. The very mechanism that is meant to create these changes, THE FUNDING, is not even carried through adequately. Now mind that the Constitution doesn’t mention the word education and thus this power is reserved to the states under the 10th amendment.

Thus the feds are poking their noses where they don’t belong by dangling dollars on a fishing pole and then yanking it away. Thus hurting millions of schoolchildren in the process. Moreover this Bill will change education and how classroom learning occurs in its entirety?

Why teach anything that is not on these tests? It’s not cost-effective. Arts are out. History that’s out. Critical thinking classes like philosophy that’s out. No child left behind should have done to it what a friend of mine did to his college rejection letter (which will end up happening to all the American students with NCLB in effect): shredded, burned, and have the ashes “washed over” by the family dog.

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