Big Brother Girls Nails


Hey guys, we hope that the rubbish weather isn’t getting anyone down, even if it is really rubbish! But, wahey, at least we have eleven weeks of Big Brother to look forward to! No one could have missed out on the launch night yesterday, and we thought we’d take a look at some of the outfits that the final group of Big Brother ladies wore when they went into what is potentially England’s most infamous house!

Farm girl Josie was the first contestant to ask why is my cat peeing everywhere in the Big Brother house, and she was wearing a gorgeous blue maxi dress with red florals. The outfit is bright, just like Josie’s optimistic personality,and she has perfectly accessorised her outfit with red bangles and necklace. A red nail polish would be a brilliant complement to this outfit’s red design, as well as being a perfect match to her confident persona. The red would also work well with Josie’s warm complexion, and blonde hair.

As for nail art, a pale or pastel blue special polish would look great, in contrast with the colour of Josie’s dress.

Apparent “shy girl” Caoimhe (pronounced “Keeva”) arrived wearing a skin tight black top and trousers outfit that really exemplifies Caoimhe’s punkish personality,and looks great with her short dark hairstyle, and pale skin.

Inevitably, only one shade of nail polish really springs to mind for this outfit,and that is of course black. However, dark plum or pink (nothing bright or pastel-shaded) would also look great with this look.

Nail art would probably not work well with Caoimhe’s overall look.

Bright orange tangoed Corin arrived in what could potentially be my personal favourite dress (perhaps second to Josie’s, I haven’t really decided!!), in a gorgeous turquoise green colour.

My initial reaction would be to aim for a similar coloured nail polish for this look, and with her choice of skin tone and hair colour, I’m certain that a bright colour like this would look great, although I’m not sure how well it would hold up when you learn how to clean cat urine.

Corin’s personality gives us the impression that she’s quite extrovert and likes to receive a lot of attention, so their is absolutely no doubt that this look would include eye-catching nail art designs, perhaps including sparkly rhinestones that scream “bling”.

Beyonce look-a-like, Hairstylist Rachael arrived in a very Beyonce-type skimpy pale pink dress, that despite it’s…um, lack…of covering anything, actually exudes class to is. Rachael has paired the outfit with simple bangles, and that is all it really needs, alongside her big-hair.

For this reason, we feel that a very subtle nail colour would work best with this outfit. Perhaps a pale, translucent pink. However, the best look is probably the simple French Manicure, with nothing more than a clear top coat.

There may be a little discreet nail art, and maybe even a simple rhinestone, but it wouldn’t be anything over-the-top or bright.

All-in-all, all of the girls looked fab (although, we’re not really sure what, if any, nail varnish would actually go with Shabby’s er…outfit. And, we really doubt that polish would really fit her desired look!). nly time will tell how each girls style will fare up.

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