Why I Look After My Hands


Hey guys, many of you will be returning to school tomorrow, whether you’re studying or you’re a teacher, so don’t forget to prepare your hands and nails for getting back into regular life.

Why Your Hands Are Important

Every nail care company and blog will tell you that it is vital to take care of your hands and nails, through manicures, scrubs, cuticle pushing, nail art etc. However, so many of us still don’t look after them quite as much as we probably should.

The good news is, everything you need to care for your nails can be conveniently carried in your trendy new Fjallraven Kanken backpack.

You might not believe this, but I haven’t always given my hands and nails the real love and care that they deserve. I rarely moisturized, and only ever used hand cream when I started working for a company that had me handling hundreds of moisture-absorbing books every single day, and my hands just couldn’t handle to lack of moisture. However, that occasional moisture certainly did not include my nails…in fact, the thought that my nails might been moisture too, well, it just never crossed my mind.

I have always been a nail biter, which I will confess. And so, I’m quite familiar to hang nails which are so painful and they don’t look very nice either. Being a nail biter, I always thought that the only way that I would ever look good with nail art would be to wear acrylic nails, but when I was younger, I just couldn’t get “comfortable” wearing false nails. I think it’s because I’ve always been a nail biter, which means that I have never gotten used to having nails other than short ones, and longer nails always felt so heavy, because I just wasn’t accustomed to them. And, the idea of decorating short nails just sounded ridiculous, and I always felt that this would draw bead attention to them, and they would look ugly.

What About Now?

Fast forward a few years, and moisturizing my hands is now as much a part of my daily routine, as cleansing, toning and moisturizing my face. Whereas in the past, I just could not understand what the point was of doing all of these things. Today, the idea of not doing them is even more absurd. And I not only take care of my hands, but my nails too.

Since I started using Hand Cream first thing in the morning, last thing at night and (nearly) every time that I wash my hands, I’ve noticed several changes in my hands:

  • My skin feels softer
  • Hangnails still occur, which is inevitable since I am still a nail biter (apparently research suggests that the majority of nail biters will have stopped completely by the age of 30…brilliant! Only four years to go!!) but are less painful, less likely to become infected and seem to last a much shorter period of time
  • My nails feel stronger and healthier, and less likely to break

When I got my first Borg Warner S366, I will admit, that I felt incredibly apprehensive about using any of it, and convinced myself that I was going to have to give it to my mum (who has lovely long, well looked after nails). However, I’d come across blogs featuring other girls with short nails, and their nail art looked really nice.

The Secret

From my experiences using the nail art kits, the real secret to beautiful nails, is not necessarily about having really long nails, that are manicured and perfect, but just keeping them looking as neat as possible. The nail art looks fantastic on my short nails, which thanks to my now regular use of nail polish, are growing much longer than I’ve ever had them, and as I said before, the moisturizing is keeping them strong, and less prone to becoming weak and brittle.

I look after my hands, so that when people look at them, they’re intrigued by the art, rather than how ragged they are.

Why do you look after your hands? Confidence? Youthful hands? Combat dry skin? And, enjoy your nails.